Justice Hill - this could be a weird ending

Justice has received an offer from Steve Alford for the 20-21 season at the University of Nevada. It would be a weird ending to the story for Justice to end up at Muss’s previous school.

And if we were to meet up with the Wolfpack in the NCAA tourney and young Mr. Hill was to lead his team to victory, you could say that Justice had been served.

This feels to me like Coach M. taking care of Justice. Giving him a good recommendation to Steve Alford who he has probably had lots of conversations with about the status of things at Nevada.

That would be a nice gesture and will win Coach Muss a lot of Central Arkansas fans.

Alford has an awful history with his PG’s, surprising given how the opposite would be expected from the Steve Alford background;

https://www.bruinsnation.com/ucla_baske … guard-play

Im not sold on Coach Muss dropping a good word and hope that Fitz and Justice take their time to choose the next stop or let Justice just change over to football and be a high draft NFL CB with quick twitch and high football Iq courtesy of his dad… JMHO

I’ve always thought Justice would end up on the football field. I know Fitz is a football guy. But, Justice has played football for fun and basketball for love. Love is a hard thing to shake.

I know people who are absolutely convinced Justice will end up playing quarterback at Ouachita.

I think the gridiron would be the best Cinderella ending at this point.
But like Clay said, playing 1 sport while loving another is …

I think justice would be served either way, right?

He didn’t love it enough to shake his desire to play Fb, though, right?