Justice Hill season stats

FG% 48.2%
3FG% 32%
17.2 PPG
3.8 RPG
448 total points

Thanks. Would really love to see his FT%

61% on FTs.

Poor free throw shooting has become the norm! I just wonder if players put in the time to get sharp on the free throws!

I will go on record.

If Justice is a 3*, I’ll eat my hat and yours too.

Physical, quick, athletic, tough, savvy and smart, AAU experienced, fearless, coach’s son, integrity, work ethic.

One can throw all of the “but, ifs” at him…but if he was 6’3", but if he was a better perimeter shooter, but if he was an 80% free throw shooter.

I’m going to put this post in the archives and we’ll check back in 3-4 years.

I’ve had hat before and I don’t like it at all. Tastes a lot like cardboard. I hope I’m okay on this one. I like my chances.

Thanks Richard. Do you happen to know what is Assist/Turnover Ratio is?

Do not but, I would it’s on the good side. Justice is a very good assist guy and isn’t one to make a lot of turnovers. Will see if I can find that out.

That’s kinda where I thought it would be. He struggled from there when I watched him last April. He has good form on his shot, so it has to be a mental thing. As for his jump shot, I think he’ll have to figure out the optimal lift. He gets a lot right now and that could be putting him off balance. Regardless, we need him to get that FT rate up because he should get fouled a lot in Fayetteville due to his quickness and explosiveness.