Justice Hill... on the move again and again and again

First there was Arkansas, then Salt Lake Community College then Murray State then LSU and now…who knows. The one thing that seems certain… the kid suffers from “THE GRASS IS GREENER” syndrome in a major way.

This is the last semester for Hill and his fellow undergrad gypsies to make a second immediately eligible transfer. He did not exactly light it up for LSU as the season rolled along. I’m sure somebody needs an average point guard.

You cannot include Arkansas in that list. It wasn’t his decision to leave Arkansas, After that next two stops were like a promotion. And actually he would not have left Murray State if his coach hadn’t left. He was quite comfortable at MSU and doing well.

This particular move is likely a demotion and not seeking greener pasture. LSU is recruiting PGs and he probably sees writing on the wall.

Incidentally UALR PG entered portal last week. Could be coming back home.

I would like to see him land at UALR. I think he could finish up with a good year there.

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His coach at LSU this season was his coach at Murray State for 2 years.

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He might want to transfer to a program that has a football program. Just in case he decides to give his second sport one more try.

Yes Hill was brought in because LSU needed bodies and Hill knew the system. Hill had also been an important player if not a star at Murray State. He’s looking for a new gig now because that resume did not translate into good PG play this season at a higher level.

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Juice wound up at Loyola Marymount. Which does not have football.

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