Justice Hill gets Auburn FB offer


Seems to me every Arkansas player with above average football ability will be offered by Gus.

I hope his Daddy is advising him to stick with basketball. I hate to see that special talent get wasted.

You mean stick with basketball, right?

Is Chad Morris and staff looking at him as well? Since Justice returned to football, I’ve just had a feeling he’s going to end up being a dual sport athlete at Arkansas.

Thanks. I edited that.

I think if justice is interested in playing a sport professionally he should turn his attention to football, opposingly to the other poster.

Very, very difficult to make it to the NBA at 5’11.

and if I’m not mistaken, he’s actively encouraged his son to stick with basketball and not play football.

Then this past year, Fitz let him play football, and he’s apparetly just an exceptional athlete and has done very well.

but I don’t think it’s a secret which sport Fitz wants him to play.

If I’m wrong please correct me, I have no inside connection, just listen to thebuzz when driving home


You are right.

Watch this Sprit 52 Video that Bo did with Fitz and Justice. It’s so good and Fitz talks about Justice making decisions between football and basketball and how it affected him as a father.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://twitter.com/SportsTalkwBo/statu … 2560223233”>https://twitter.com/SportsTalkwBo/status/946471062560223233</LINK_TEXT>

Justice was also quite the youth baseball player as a youngster. To this day Fitz will say one of his favorite moments with Justice occurred on the baseball field. Our 11 yr old team decided to go to Omaha the week of the college world series and play against good teams from around the country. Ironically, AR beat Baylor to clinch a trip to Omaha while we were up there.

We got out of our pool and drew a first round game with a team from FL who had this kid that threw gas…the kind we had not seen in AR. The team (and parents) were somewhat intimidated. Justice led off the bottom of the first. Fitz was in the stands right beside me. Justice gets a fastball blown by him for strike one…and strike two. On the next pitch (another fastball) Justice lines a deep drive over the left center field fence. We were going crazy in the stands. When I turned to congratulate Fitz, he wasn’t there. He was jumping up and down at home plate waiting for Justice to round the bases. Just the mention of that moment to him brings the biggest smile to his face.

A father’s passion is going to mirror whatever his son/daughter’s passion is. That summer it was baseball. Justice likes football but loves basketball. That is where his heart is…at least right now.


Justice was also quite the youth baseball player as a youngster. …

[/quote]Thanks Pig Papi, that’s a great story.

Why can’t Justice play both? It’s not exactly unprecedented.