Justice Hill enrolls in classes for possible early entrance

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What would Hill have to benefit by coming to school a year early? To get ahead in the next line (group) of guards to play for Ark?

Obviously he would help if he plays the entire 2018 season.

If he came in during Jan.2019, He would get to adjust to playing against that level.

Same way a freshman football player would come in for spring practice.


Obviously he would help if he plays the entire 2018 season.

But didn’t we just sign a PG transfer for that?

I would think that depends on where Mike projects each PG to be, talent-wise, for the 2018-19 season. Does he see Justice as his next Phil Pressey? If so, you get him on board as early as possible. Does he see Harris and Justice as similarly talented PGs for the 2018 season? If so, he probably saves Justice’s first year of eligiblity for the 2019 season. There is probably 2 years difference in the ages of Harris and Justice. Even if he projects Justice to better by his 2nd year, they may be equal for the specific 2018-19 season.

Mike may not be clear on those evaluations until sometime during this fall and into the 2017 season. He will get to see Harris’ development first hand in practices and he will get to follow Justice’s development during his Jr year in High School. JMHO.

I agree with Baked, we just brought in Jalen Harris. I’ve got a chance to watch Justice play, he’s a good PG, but I’m not sure if he’s good enough to come in a year early and beat out upperclassmen. I don’t even think all the current 2018 guys will play much their first year, if the upperclassmen pan out as they should.

You look at the guys that will play in the 1 or 2 guard spot in 18 and you have Harris, Garland, Jones, Sills, and Joe. That’s already 5 guys for 2 spots. Who would Hill beat out? Sills possibly?

I like the idea of him coming in Spring 19 and redshirting. If we’re needing him to come in and play early for 2018 season, it’s meant we got some transfers or some guys didn’t pan out like they should.