Justice Hill dunk clip

Pretty amazing considering he is 5’10


Thank you. It’s going to be interesting to see the DPG of the Muss Money Ball.

JH can certainly get up and he must be at least 30 years old because of the conversations about him on this board started in 2010 it seems. You would expect a very mature player with his family tree and exposure to the game.

Every ball player can dunk, but if I am not mistaken a dunk only counts 2 points. Need fundamentals not show boating!


Relax… I’m sure he works on the fundamentals and I’m not sure many guys his height can make that dunk. Besides It boring watching free throw highlights.

We have also previously seen his ball handling skills highlights to that were impressive.
Maybe up next is his 3 pt shooting highlights.

The fundamentals of that dunk are more difficult than the fundamentals of which you speak. And, as you point out, you don’t get more points from a fundamental bucket, what ever that is. It’s 2 as well.

You just swatted away a fundamental bucket into the third row, Gas! Well done!

I have been surprised by some members analysis of Justice Hill as a basketball player. I don’t think that he isn’t being viewed as a player that can and will make a big contribution to the Hogs future success. The dunk clip is just another example of his athleticism. His football tape is outstanding. This kid is not a skinny, frail, little guard. He is a strong , skilled athlete that will play early and often. This young man has a football body and won’t be pushed around like most freshman guards.

I think that the new recruits will augment the core players of last years team. I don’ t see this team as one that will one that has to play 3 on 5 on offense. All our opponents knew that we would only have 3 or 4 scoring threats on the floor for large stretches of time. I think that the spacing and more disciplined shot selection will help eliminate the long scoring droughts that plagued last years team.

It will be interesting to see how effective Coach Muss’ defense evolves. The former philosophy of an aggressive, trapping, pressing team will be replaced by an aggressive but disciplined defensive philosophy. I expect that we won’t allow as many wide open shots or have a guard on a big as a result of a bad switch. Time will tell.

I think that we have a chance to be better than last year. No one knows has the team will react to the big shift in coaching philosophy. Team chemistry must be good, I hope it all comes together because I am ready for a winning team. WPS

I’ll be sure to ask him to post a link to his drill sessions, so you can drool over his fundamental skills.