Justice Hill and football

I watched Justice score 29 in a 61-46 win over Westwood of Memphis in the first game of the Battle of the Border at Parkview. He had three 3s and numerous drives to the basket.

His upper and lower body was noticeably thicker after playing football this season. Fitz said he was around 174 for the season and is down to 168 now but wants to lose 6 more pounds. Either way I think playing football and adding bulk will help him in the SEC.

It would be nice for all kids in high school to play all the sports they can. Enjoy being a kid as long as they can.
I agree the extra strength he gained playing football will help him.

I agree, sometimes you don’t realize what you are best at till the maturity process starts to take place. Some can be just naturally gifted in all sports.
Any sport can definitely benefit you in other sports both physically & mentally.