Justice for Kenny "Throat Slasher" Hill...............

…I suspect the two “Throat Slashing” gestures by Hill after TD’s against Arkansas (only one caught and penalized) will be the last ones for his career. He showed why he got run out of Aggieland. Lots of talent but little intelligence or character. Thanks Mr. Hill for the great field position for our comeback and the pick six to Ellis. We couldn’t have won this game without you. :smiley:

Well stated my friend!

While my interest is totally Hog biased, one wonders how many coaches, especially High School use this as a teaching moment. Too many kids seem to want to make it about them and forget that they can hurt the team with their self promoting. Professional sports, sports advertising and the media tend to support this individual emphasis, so I know I am both too old school and also swimming against the current with my views.

He’s a thug and has no class. Got what he deserved. Should have gotten 2 throat slashing penalties. Patterson also was peeved he threw a fade on second down at end of game. That is why he decided to kck fg on third down.

Love how Bret coaches and teaches character

We are getting there the right way!!!


Throwing the fade there was indeed very dumb. Stopped the clock…and could have been picked. Saved the game for us honestly.

Really pissed me off when I saw him do it, but loved it when he got flagged. At the time, I still doubted it’d matter, but those extra KO yards might have been the difference in scoring that final TD.

I agree with Keith. I’m old school & think it should be about “team” not “me.”. CBB not only seems to believe that, too, he does a great job of instilling it in the kids. Even the personal foul we got last night–unnecessary roughness on the kick return–was a bit understandable. It’s an emotional game & players can overdo it sometimes in the heat of the moment, but those kinds of gestures are stupid. The kid from Clemson might have cost them the game yesterday with his early celebration of a punt return for a TD. (For those who missed it, he dropped the ball in celebration just about a yard short of the goal line, turning the TD into a turnover.)