Just wondering

We’re one game short on the regular season and we don’t play again until Friday. Apparently the NCAA is letting people schedule games early next week. Wonder if Muss might try to find a game Monday or Tuesday, like Vandy did Thursday at Cincinnati?

He talked about maybe doing in a press conf. this at one point. I don’t think we’ll know till after the A&M game so there are no distractions.


Kansas just about screwed up doing that this week. They trailed UTEP almost the whole game and much of the time by double digits before finally pulling it out at the end.

Another factor for next week is the way the tournament macro- bubble is going to work. As I understand it the Hogs and other teams that are locks to make the tournament are probably going right from their conference tournaments next week to Indy, and won’t be back home until they lose or win the championship. If that’s true, Muss may want to give the team/staff a little more personal time before the SEC tournament.

Correct. The NCAA has asked teams that are looking at at-large bids to stay in their conference tournament city until Sunday even after they lose, to continue the daily testing protocol. And since Nashville is within 350 miles of Indy, the SEC schools who make the Dance would all bus up I-65 to Indy, probably on the 15th (each team would have three socially distanced buses for their travel party of 34 people).

Your point about time off is valid, but he likes playing instead of practicing, and my guess is the 27th game, if there is one, would be at BWA.

It was reported they looked at trying to schedule a game when the Aggies cancelled last time and the team didn’t want to unless it was meaningful. I think the comment was made that it wouldn’t be worth risking injuries for a low tier game.

Yeah Justin Smith said get us somebody good or we’d rather just get ready for Alabama. But Bama is two games down the road this time, and he might prefer playing to a long practice. We shall see. And maybe they can find somebody good who wants a game.

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