Just wondering

Why anyone at the Demozette would ever revisit Arkansas’s two Nutt-era games against Southern Cal.

Why dig up that crap again? Why now? Why would anybody regard those games as even remotely significant points in school history.

They were ugly and totally forgettable games. Period.

Well, we are UA-F now, so maybe folks think that is a different program being discussed.

Oh, and while they are at it, maybe a series of articles on player “oops” with the lead article being Jermaine Brooks and his gun-running arrest.

Do they really think that helps me as a fan? Or a subscriber? Geez.

I agree. I did not read any of the articles on the USC or ULM games

I’m sure it helps recruiting

That should be the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock. You might confuse folks into thinking it is the one in Northwest Arkansas or some other paper somewhere. One should never be unclear.

I’m wondering the same thing! Really what’s the point? I don’t get it.

The staff voted on the top 25 games (good or bad) of the SEC era. The 2005 game was obviously one of the bad ones.

You ask Why would anybody regard those games as even remotely significant points in school history.

I think most would agree the 1987 Miami 51-7 loss showed how far the program was from being an elite program. I would say most Hog fans thought the program was close to turning the corner and being a top 10-15 program like in the 60’s and 70’s, but the loss showed otherwise. The 2005 game also showed where the program stood.

I read it. Was more disappointed that the accompanying video was a USC hype video, though you certainly couldn’t find an Arkansas hype video from that game. I don’t know. Wish these stories were strictly on SEC games, not non-conference games, but hey, this is how it was chosen to be done.

Some of you have mentioned it’s not good for recruiting, but you have to remember it’s not the ADG’s job to enhance Arkansas recruiting. That’s for the university to do. Newspapers are to write provocative articles, good or bad for the UA. You, as the consumer, don’t have to like it, read it or buy it, but that’s just the way it is. And by saying this, I’m not trying to defend the paper.

Amazing often this is lost on people.

It is what is beautiful about a free market. If you don’t care for the subject matter, product on the field, cook of the steak, vote with your wallet.

Just a thought …

How useful is a mirror that only reflects what’s good about your appearance but hides the bad: Your hair out of place; a streak of dirt under your chin; (for the ladies) crooked eye-liner; spinach caught in your teeth …

A good mirror gives you a chance to fix what’s wrong now and compare how you looked yesterday to what you see today.

Despite what modern expectations seem to be, it’s not a news organization’s job to reflect only the positives about a community (whether that’s a town, a fan base, a political interest group, etc.). It’s useful and important to know the negatives. That way you can do something about them.

Memorable? No. Kickoff was at 9:00 pm. Most Arkansans turned it off before halftime. The only thing I remember is the fact we got blown out.

I’d like to know who made the decision to write up this game on a Sunday, the day the newspaper has its most readers.

They ran No. 19 earlier in the week and No. 18 was next. No conspiracy.

Richard, just not sure how accurate you analysis of the program was in the 1987 season and the two seasons following.

Agree that the Razorbacks got their butts kicked in LR by a very good Miami team coached by a vengeful Jimmy Johnson. Anyone who is a Razorback fan knows that story. Still Arkansas was a last-minute loss to Texas from tying for the SWCC that year. Finished the year with a 9-4 record

Actually won outright SWCCs in 1988 and 1989, but lost bowl games to Tn and UCLA. Finished both seasons with a 10-2 overall record and ranked either 12/13 in the final polls.

Arkansas went to Miami in 1988 for a return game, which it lost 16-18 on a last minute field goal, after a dropped int. in the end zone by Steve Atwater, I believe.

So, some of that I think would indicate the program was in better shape, than you appear to indicate, that is until Hatfield bolted. Highly ranked for most of his last two seasons also.

Broyles talked about how that game changed the perception of the program. There was a good amount of hype going into 87 and it appeared Arkansas was going be the Arkansas of old (1960-82). They did follow up with two good seasons, but the game hurt the image of the program. The 1992 Bama game also exposed the program vs the elite.

Since about 1953, when I first started following the Razorbacks they have had several “milestone” type games, which they lost. The two you mention are among the many, IMO. Most of the others were against Texas, Ole Miss and various bowl games.

And, you are absolutely correct, all those games, have to this day kept Arkansas separated from truly being recognized nationally as an elite program.

My apologies. I didn’t realize they were in any order.

No problem.

You go back aways. The stories and memories you have.

87 Miami showed we were WAY off. But we closed the gap considerably. The recruiting slide that was happening at the same time meant it was due to fall quickly.

How many fans still point to that 69 Shootout game? Lordy, we need to someday be able to exorcise that demon.

That would be nice, but it will never happen. If we stomped a hole in the tea-sippers in a national title game, it would still not ease the pain from 1969. That simply cannot be done.