Just wondering

in which inning this sports expert of an interim AD really made the decision to fire our coach? Her expertise and comments give new meaning to the term “seventh inning stretch!”

Wally Hall had a good article this morning about our so called AD… Its worth the read and one of his best in a long time! My thoughts only!

I thought it was nothing but a hatchet job by Wally. He and I did not watch the same press conference.

Nick Saban coming to Arkansas is more likely than Wally Hall having a good idea.

Typical Wally garbage. I wasted 3 minutes of my life reading it. I am dumber for having done so. He attacks JCP and Steinmetz for firing B.B. right after the game and accuses them of lying about when the decision to make the change was made. He thinks none of the football players would have gone home that evening and that they should have waited until Saturday (which is wrong). Says Steinmetz and JCP act like the Razorbacks are their “toy.”

Well, Wally, your “toy” unfortunately is the lead columnist gig at the state’s largest newspaper. Not surprising, since you’ve always written like a 6th grader.