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The SoCar at Kentucky game will be rescheduled. There’s not much space in there to wedge in a makeup game. Looks like neither team has a game scheduled on March 6, the last Saturday of the regular season, but I don’t see any openings before then. Maybe the SEC built in the 6th for makeup games; we don’t play on the 6th either. SoCar is not in the Big 12 Challenge, Kentucky plays EOE-A (one of those games you root for a selective meteor strike).

It’s entirely possible that the SEC and every other league will have to do something weird with the standings because of different number of games played. If you lose two games, you can’t make them both up on March 6th. Winning percentage, or most games won, or something.

UK secret-scrimmaged Transylvania College on Tuesday to make up for losing the Poultry game this week (NCAA rules don’t allow publicizing such scrimmages, but word leaked out). Evidently Olivier Sarr continued to struggle even against a much smaller team.

The secret scrimmage should not be legal. The NCAA don’t allow practice scrimmages with other opponents before the season so how the heck is it legit now?

They do, you just can’t publicize them.

Then why the heck was it announced before the start of the season those type scrimmages weren’t allowed during the Covid 19 period? It doesn’t sound on th up and up of course nothing does with blue blood above reproach untouchable schools and coaches. Good examples of this unfair junk are Greaseball, the Kleenex man at Kansas Bill Self, honest Ben at Miss State, the Ringer at Arizona and you cant leave out the Mobster Will Wade at LSU. There’s a group of coaches that shouldn’t be allowed to ever coach period. Of I left out Lying Bruce at Auburn

I wonder if the Sweet Transvestites were able to hang with the Cats?

Nice RHPS reference!

Supposedly they didn’t keep score but if they had UK would have won comfortably. Of course TC is Division III.

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