Just Win Baby

We NEED a win this weekend, the understatement of the year. For so many reasons.
Help the players & fans realize that we are improving and that the process is working.
Give us all a little hope for the future.
Help us all quit being so snippy with each other on the boards. Losing puts us in a bad mood where we are short tempered with each other. I’ve seen it the last few weeks on here and have chosen to just read & not post as much.
It’s Ole Miss and I despise them.
Recruits need to see a few wins this year also.

Can we dare to imagine what kind of recruiting class this staff can put together if and when we are actually winning? It’s hard to be patient sometimes but I’m convinced this program is headed in the right direction, and I’m hoping for a few more wins this year to improve the vibe around the Hogs for next year.

I agree totally. I hate to hype it, but this is a HUGE game this weekend. We can totally turn the season around with a win on Saturday coming off of that offensive explosion last week. I definitely need to see more of that and see our d get some stops. Seriously, win this weekend and then get Tulsa next week and get our guys some swagger going into the vandy game, who knows, we would be a totally difference team with a 3 game win steak going to play the final . LSU MSU and MO would all be gettable. Win this weekend and everything can turn.