Just when you thought the NCAA couldn't screw up anything else

Gender equity report says it prioritized the men’s hoops tournament above everything else and is leaving a lot of money on the table that it could get for the women’s tournament.

The report suggests holding the men’s and women’s Final Fours at the same site. Works for me. Men play Saturday and Monday, women play Sunday and Tuesday. Or Friday and Sunday. Doesn’t diminish the men’s FF in any way.

They also recommended using the March Madness marketing for the women and expanding the women’s field to 68 teams, just like the men. They could also use the same “unit” model for distributing women’s tournament revenue as the men use, which would prioritize schools and conferences working to improve women’s basketball.

If the NCAA wants to improve women’s basketball, it should work on the timing between its tournament and conference tournaments. I think Arkansas was off for 18 days between its last SEC Tournament game and loss to Wright State this year. That isn’t uncommon, either.

A lot of conferences play their women’s tournaments a week before the men, but the women’s NCAA Tournament starts after the men’s tournament. The NCAA is not in charge of scheduling the conference tournaments. Most likely those are scheduled around the inventory requests of the conferences’ TV partners.

Tom Cullen used to schedule one of his nonconference games for after the SEC Tournament so the team wouldn’t go so long between games.

I think that’s a good idea.

I’m not sure how moving the women’s tournament up would work out though. ESPN is buried in men’s conference tournaments the week after the women have (most of) theirs.

I guess you could start the women’s tournament on the day after Selection Sunday.

I have said that for years.

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