Just when you thought the A&M loss couldn't get more embarrassing

Cue the John Goodman you just got your @$$€$ beat by a buncha nerds speech!


love that movie!

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A couple of weeks ago I saw John Goodman’s old Affton Mo High Cougars give up 70 points in the first half. I kept thinking how those boys really needed a halftime speech from old John!

After that, aTm more than deserved the beat down. I bet that yell leader learned something from that ridiculous “performance.”

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Let’s hope he did! :flushed:

Seems highly ironic for an Aggie to be making fun of anyone.

Who remembers the Aggie joke booklets? Pretty non- PC today I bet.

I’ve always said that there are no Aggie jokes because those stories are true.


They went at night!

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