Just when you thought Murder U had hit rock bottom

Their fans find a new level of low. Seen at the SEC tournament:


disgusting. it was posted in the terrible bama post below

As someone said before, I hope and pray this is a jerk Bama hater.

I hear Roberta Flack in the background.

It isn’t. Story is at al.com.

Remember, this is the fan base that thought poisoning an oak tree was a good idea.


There are no boundaries on inhuman behavior any more.

Of course, I shouldn’t characterize it that way. Everything we are seeing is human behavior. Nothing is “inhuman”


Subhuman would be more accurate.


I love how Oates keeps saying Miller and others didn’t violate any team policy so they get to play. Not like there were players around a homicide or anything. Good to know there is no conduct unbecoming a student policy at that university

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And I live here! :roll_eyes:

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Indeed. Just show you what Bama is really all about.

The same fan base that shoots a son-in-law because he roots for the wrong team…

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It’s obvious Oates doesn’t have any team rules!
The lack of leadership from him and the university paints a clear picture of what’s most important to them all.


I am not pointing at Oats or Miller (for the moment).

But what human being would mock the murder of a young mother?

If I were the owner of the T-shirt shop I would have refused to print such garbage,

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