Just when you think

We have a bonafied shot they lay an egg. Big goose egg. Uninspired baseball. Scouting is catching up w both hitters and pitchers. Very disappointed. Where is all this pitching our renowned pitching coach is supposed to develop? Just an observation from someone that knows very little about baseball but we sure seem to have a lot of sore arms and pitching injuries. And now we can’t get the big hit. Very disappointed with this effort against the last place team.

Remember this team is down some pitchers right now. Keaton McKinney probably is not going to pitch again this season, and Bryce Bonnin is out with elbow inflammation. I don’t think Hunter Milligan is well enough to throw yet.

It’s somewhat like last season in that there are young pitchers pitching in roles that weren’t expected, and it often takes on-the-job learning to get better.

Zebulon Vermillion was not supposed to throw on SEC weekends this season, and perhaps not at all. You saw him in a critical spot in the second game of this series.

my point exactly matt. sore arms. seems like lots of them for 2 years now. and the healthy ones seem to be losing steam. i don’t know but i’ve read a few articles on johnson and his training methods. is that the problem? i have no clue but we seem to have lots of this with our pitchers.