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I’m not justifying anything. What I’m saying is that like so many things in life where we have incomplete information, there are shades of gray. And unlike every political candidate in both parties who wants us to believe life is full of simple choices, I happen to think life is pretty complex. Choices are often not that simple.


Agree. And I hope their behavior was mild enough that it justifies them getting off light. And I really do wish Fayetteville police would cut these guys some slack. Maybe they do. I don’t really know. But I bet football players in Tuscaloosa and in Athens are treated differently. They should be.

Most cops are good and do right thing. Not accusing of anything just need to see body cam and mic IF available and in use

They are when it comes to law enforcement.

It will be interesting to see how Sam handles this. I’ve heard and watched him say publicly on multiple occasions that all players are treated the same, regardless of who it is. Then there was his comment about what went on after the Alabama and Tennessee game.

The incident is know where near the worst Arkansas athletes have engaged in with police. And it’s not like they were engaged in breaking into cars like the”U” kids were doing, or assaulting a bartender like the QB from Florida State was involved with. Both seem like good kids with no history of causing trouble. Punish them with a three game suspension. Give them conditions in order to get back on the team. If they accomplish them and show remorse for their actions, reinstate them.

I’m kind of in that grey area here. Now if Brown actually shoved an officer & Slusher grabbed the officer to pull him off of Brown, both could have been charged with assault on said officer. Much more serious offense.
So the men were either cut some slack or the story is stretched a bit by the officers to warrant their actions.

It sounds like pleading no contest and paying their fines then running the steps for a couple of days would be applicable punishment for a disorderly conduct arrest. That said I am not the guy hired to make these decisions.

I am surprised players would risk being seen in public after Saturday’s no-show.


These kids get over losses a lot quicker than us old folks……especially when the bright lights, drinks, and ladies of Dickson are calling!

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Nice that it took so long for an issue with a player to land on the message boards. Seems like we went a long time between incidents.

Nice that our measurables on the recruiting paysites and in the program are accurate.

A light-hearted attempt at finding hidden positives.

I would bet at least a half of football gone for Slusher. Brown, redshirting, probably will get some extra conditioning which might be worse. Bet there is community service involved, along with a visit to PD to offer an apology.

Those two should be thankful Wilson Matthews is not around to issue punishment. Of course they never heard of Wilson.

Those days are long gone.

When my Dad was alive he would say “I would do this or that” I said Dad you would have been put in jail, period.

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Correct Mike. My basketball coach was brutal. Gave me 8 hard licks in front of his science class for telling a girl not the cheat off me. Made me run 100 laps around the gym all the time. For things that are part of he game today, no look passes, dribbling between the legs and behind my back. Teachers would come to me and say they heard how he treated me and they would go the the principal with me to complain. I always said “nope I’ll take it, if we go to the principal my dad will find out and he says the coach and teacher is alway right”.

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Times have changed.

Several years ago (okay, about 50 - think 1974 or so), a momma walked into the coaches’ office at my high school and asked the coaches, “which one of y’all kicked my son?” One of our coaches raised his hand and said, “I did. I told him to do something and he didn’t do it, so I kicked him in his ***. The next time I tell him to do something and he doesn’t do it, I’m going to kick him in his *** again.” Nothing was ever said about it again.

Yep, He would let his vile flood of verbal castigations fly on every stadium step laced with demeaning obscenities yet not heard or even imagined by these young men. I should add that Wilson Matthews was known to love his players and his players were clear on the lines. I sense Pittman is known as a caring coach, and with his absence to this point of the discipline issues that we weekly witness in more recent coaching regimes that point should not be lost. Fayetteville police have not changed and the media scanning of police reports remains. What has changed is the significant improvement in recruitment where marginal classroom performance and troubling behavior do not make the cut when grade points and graduation rates required for coaches.

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Let’s wait for all the facts and let the people in authority decide what punishment is merited.

Let’s not overlook Baton Rouge which may be the most lenient & where nothing is illegal as long as LSU wins.

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