Just watched Vandy Catcher --------------------

---------------- C.J. Rodriguez, who is a small guy but quick as a cat, and he threw out a stealing East Carolina player at second with a frozen rope throw perfectly placed at the bag for the tag. He was so far ahead of the runner the runner did not bother to try to slide. He just stopped and let the shortstop tag him standing straight up.

Opitz is very agile and not big for a catcher. I wonder if that is becoming a trend? The big hulking catcher to serve as a road block on a slide at home may not be the standard catcher anymore.

The big hulking catcher may be the stereotype, but it has never been true that all catchers were like that.Yogi Berra was only 5 foot 7 and was fast and agile enough to also play the outfield. His son Tim was fast enough to be a wide receiver in college and the NFL.

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