Just watched the Spring Game

I like Coach Morris - I hope he is this positive this time next year

I see best case 7-5 or 6-6

Worst case 4-8

Swing games are Col St. MSU and Vandy in my way too early intuitive assessment

What I like is Coach Morris commitment to reconnecting the whole state to the program. (WMS is an example of that)

With his blue collar attitude - relationship building with H/S coaches and the real possibility of improved Texas recruiting and exciting offense/defense the program should get better

There is potential for Exciting offense and aggressive defense

I’ll be happy with 6-6, not being blown out, not giving up - and the team improves every game

Looking at the schedule and my general negative assessment - 6&6 in 2018 would be a lot to cheer about but…

Not sure what I saw today is a 6-6 SEC team

I am going to write off this year to 5 wins with an eye towards the improved talent coming in over the next few years. We don’t have much talent period for this year.

Love your sig line

This is a good hire - the one we should of hired after CBP

Now - here we are

Grateful the people who know Arkansas went and got this hire

Hope Coach Morris can maintain - I’m just not sure he knows what is coming his way