Just watched the Muss presser

2 things…I can tell, and he didn’t really try to hide, how pissed he is that A&M can’t get their s#$@ together. The other thing is he went out of his way stating that we reached out to other teams (ASWho) “politely” but were rebuffed for a makeup game. Nobody asked, but here is my opinion. A&M can somehow play women’s basketball, but the men can’t? Is this because the women are top 5 and the men suck? This is seriously a question that Buzz needs to answer. I submit that the SEC should make A&M forfeit it’s games and grant everyone they screwed with their ineptitude a “W” for every game A&M cancelled.
As far as ASWho, I was originally onboard with playing them. Not anymore. What an arrogant attitude Mike Balado (whoever that is) had when saying they would not be bullied into playing us, and they are nobody’s “little brother.” No you aren’t our little brother, Mike. We seldom consider you at all. They had at least 2 chances to play us this year, but turned tail and ran both times. Never give them another chance in any sport! Cancel that 2025 football contract, HY! It will be the best $1.5 mil the university has spent in a long while. Go Hogs!


I think that it takes an incredible amount of ignorance and arrogance for the Coach of a team with a net ranking of 223 to make the comments the ASU coach did this week.

I would expect that Muss will remember his comments if they get another opportunity to play the Razorbacks and make damn sure that the Hogs score 100.


Is their an article about the ASU coach’s comments about snubbing CEM and the UA?


Yeah, what Balado said was very arrogant. He also said, or at least implied, that ASU was being bullied and that they wouldn’t allow themselves to be bullied. I don’t know what was said, but his comment also implied he didn’t think we worth the hurry because ASU is fighting for second in their conference. He suggested we play in November of this year when both teams have time to prepare.

I just don’t want to hear any ASU fans talk about Arkansas being scared ever again.

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I noticed the repeated references to “politely” too. The ASU coach’s reference to not being “bullied” was an unwarranted shot at Muss and the Hogs, I thought. The University of Arkansas and its staff have no control over whether the fans think ASU is chicken.

He also said they are playing for a top seed (in their conference), but he pays no attention to how we are doing.

NortheastArkie linked a video of the ASU Coach’s comments in No Game This Weekend thread below.

Covid19 at A&M is not the same for men’s team and the women’s team because … they aren’t the same people. Goodness.

If you want to explore that a bit, players on a team that has “let go of the rope” (thanks, Houston, for the “gift that keeps giving,” a phrase that is somehow uniquely ours) are less likely to worry about contact tracing. That is an athletic department problem…but not a Covid19 problem. And, no, you can’t play just because some hog fans thinks it is in poor taste not to.

As for ASU, I would work my ass off to schedule UALR or UCA every year, and even sweeten the pot just a touch, as a way of thumbing my nose at ASU.

guy, I’m sure you could find an article, but you really need to youtube it. his tone of voice is completely uncalled for, extremely unproductive and immature.

If one of my teenage sons had issued that little speech of his, I would have had major words with them about it. About handling yourself with class and all that stuff.

ASU-why are they so predictably like that? What do they gain? And now we’ve offered them a football game and a basketball game, due to covid issues, and they’ve avoided both-and acted like we’ve insulted them! After decades of demanding a game with us.

ugh. so jeremy, I say let’s keep that football game, and host them in basketball, and paste them in both. we now have the coaches to treat them as their actions/words deserve.



Funny how the ASU coach knows nothing about our record or team, but said he offered to play the Hogs in November of 2022 because we have an open date… the man is desperately trying to keep his job and acting badass to the Hogs reads well in J-town.

We never should have agreed to play ASU in anything. Hunter Yurachek will rue the day he decided to voluntarily play ASU, if he is still here in a few years.

The ASU coach knows Arkansas would crush the Indians. He wants no part of that.


I didn’t realize we already had the schedule made for 2022🙂, its amazing that for 30 years they have whined about playing the Hogs. 3 times we have reached out to play them, once last summer when we were making out the schedule, once in Dec and once last week. They want no part of the hogs

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All Coach Balado had to say was they had an important game on Monday against a conference foe. Just wanted to prepare for that game and his players rested and ready. Enough said and understandable.
Instead of puffing his chest out and all that drama about being bullied, little brother, etc.

Why Muss didn’t want a Sunday game with anyone.

And the pink puppies got beat 57-52…

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