Just watched press conference

No telling how many games this team will win but amazed at how players have taken to muss. One thing I figured about our prior coach is when Jones commented on scout. Last year we really didn’t scout, but muss takes it to a different level. We might not out talent a lot of teams but this coaching staff will give us the best chance to win based on prep. These kids are learning a lot. Good to see.

They are preparing for the next opponent and also I like that the next games opponent and notes are in the locker room on the board when they finished a game!
Prior planning prevents poor performance!
The players that have been to press conferences seemed like they have taken up to CEM’s style of coaching! I can’t wait for Chaney to play and enter the interview room and hear what he has to say.

Did you guys work hard on free throws in the offseason?

Uh, yeah…Coach told us we sucked!


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They seem to really, really, like all the scouting and prep, and knowing what the other team runs and what to expect from each player.

Hopefully, we won’t have all those games where some guy has his career night against us, and we never seem to expect it or to be able to do anything about it. Like that little kid from Auburn who lit us up game after game, year after year. And I’m not just talking about the past few years.

Those days of not prepping for an opponent are over when it comes to game planning. The energy is spent in the half court on defense with a purpose to stop the opponents leading scorers.

If you are a recruit or parent of one, these comments about prepping/scouting/analytics, etc. must be very impressionable… how can you not see great Hog teams ahead.

I love watching how each player is playing defense. Great posture and balance, feet positioned properly and putting a long arm straight out into the defender…staying in front of the guy and close. We are so well versed in the fundamentals and are only going to get better. How can some stud recruit not see how this staff is going to make each player play to his potential? A person can’t help but see how well coached this team is.

John Wooden never had a scouting report, Neither did Nolan. Lots of ways to skin that cat,

Wooden was 70’s b-ball and Nolan’s was over 20 years ago,the nba was much different then also times have changed and seems our coach has brought that change with him

The philosophy hasn’t changed. Wooden’s idea was we do what we do, the opponent adapts to us and if they don’t adapt they’ll lose big. And they did it pretty darn well. His UCLA teams usually had 3-4 future NBA players which is less than a current Duke or Kentucky team.

We’ll have to disagree b-ball 40,20 years ago is much different today than then except you shoot the ball, you keep score and you try to keep the other team from scoring

Analytics?!?!?! We don’t need no stinking Analytics! We just need to figure out why stud recruits keep going elsewhere. You don’t think it was “lack of Analytics” do you?

Hard to change the mindset about AR in 3 games until people start seeing more of the product on the floor this year and next.

Oh I bet that’s a big feature of the recruiting visit. “We use more analytics than any school in the SEC!” Yeah right. Of course Nolan and Wooden didn’t have access to analytics, but even using them you can focus on doing what you do better, not on what the opponent does.

Better go read what the recruits and parents are saying

That’s how Muss does things and that’s fine. It’s what works for him. Just saying that ain’t the only way to get the job done.

Musselman seems to take the Wooden approach of never calling timeouts. I can’t remember the exact quote, but I think Wooden said something along the lines of “well prepared teams don’t need to take timeouts to figure out what to do.”

Swine is right. There is more than one way to skin the cat. My point probably not very well said, we are not going to out talent many teams until recruiting picks up. Therefore, when you have less or equal talent, the little things, in this case scouting and game prep, mean a ton in an effort to get wins. Swine also said wooden didn’t do scouting, that I would debate, but if the other team, usually w less talent didn’t prep for them they would get routed. Makes my point, UCLA had more talent and the only chance an opponent had was to scout then pray they could somewhat execute in an effort to win.

I think it is refreshing to see our coaching staff use everything at their disposal to try and get a win. The two kids interviewed seemed to like it. Now wait until we have more talent and depth.

MA said he didn’t scout opponents either, just worried about what we do.
All I’ll say about that.

Just win. They are doing very well at that so far.

I don’t fall for videos, press conference quotes, sometimes those are media induced leading questions, etc. I am not going to compare an introvert coach who kept everything close to the vest against an extrovert coach who is a marketing genius.

Product on the court is what counts. So far it looks very good.

Let’s win and win me over please.