Just watched NC State Ace against Bama

This guy pitched Well against Bama but Bama just not very good at the end of the yr. He is not overpowering at all 90 was fastest I saw, puts a lot of pitches in the zone, can see why he’s given up 10 HR. He does not have a wipe out breaking ball but enough drop to make you swing over the top of it, pretty good CU and most of his FB he tries to get you to chase high and away.
He was absolutely crushed by Clemson and Wake Forest teams that hit . 259 and . 257 respectfully gave 6-7 runs to both.
I really think he will try to keep us off balance with 78-80 offspeed, in fact I would up looking for that and lay off FB up. He’s not going to throw it by you even if you’re looking for the offspeed.

I may be wrong but I think we will hit this guy well, he gets a lot of the plate and I think it will be just a matter of time before we launch a few .


#3 WHIP in the ACC; that’s pretty good. We tend to struggle with pitchers with great control and strong breaking pitches. Good thing he’s a righty.

Doesn’t have a sharp breaking ball. Wake Forest is the closest thing to us in the ACC. Team BA . 259.91 Hrs. He went 6 inn against them gave up 9 hits and 6 runs. 3 HR… he puts the ball over the plate, why he gave up 10 HR, which is the most of any pitcher we’ve seen. I don’t expect him to challenge us, why I said I would look for the offspeed, FB is only 90,less than Kopps , as long as we lay off the high FB which he tries to get u to chase we should be fine… we will see.

Wake Forest is kinda similar to the Hogs; the BA isn’t great but the Deacons hit a lot of homers (91). So that’s definitely an encouraging note.

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Yes we’ve seen a lot better pitchers than this guy, but we have struggled with guys who don’t throw hard,so we will see. I saw a video of us taking batting practice yesterday we are trying very hard to go the other way, which will be good because it
will allow us to stay on the pitch longer and they also shift big time .