Just Watched LSU Kill ole miss

I fear we are really going to miss our best player against them, Les Miles. They are now using all that talent effectively. Even if somehow the bye week helps put this team back somewhat together, and that is a very big if, that LSU team could beat us by another half a hundred since we have no Oline and no defense at all.

People worry about us not being able to compete with LSU and then almost every year we do.

This year may be different, but I’m not going to jump to that conclusion based on their best game in the last few years and our worst.

Chances are (if we are relatively healthy) it will be a good, close game.

And yes, I saw Fournette. He has punked people before playing us in prior years and we have handled him.

It will depend on which teams show up and whether Fournette is healthy and/or looking ahead to the NFL at that point.

I remember sitting at a restaurant in NYC last year and discussing the the Hogs/LSU game that was about to kick off. My buddy was telling me how #7 was going to run it right down our throat, and we had no chance. Then a funny thing happened. The game started and we pretty much shut down #7 and beat them handily at their place. This is the same defense we had then. We can beat LSU, and I think we will.

Yes. And they were having a better year last year and we were worse (on paper) at that point.

I’m not convinced we will win–I was before today.

But, every year we have no chance and then we almost always play them really well and often beat them.