Just watched Iowa St Babb

Looked really good. He could have really helped this team.

I bet he’s really sorry he left. Not!

If was Babb was still here he wouldn’t be playing maybe doing grad work. Last year he would have been a senior.

He was one of the first " I didn’t get to play as much as a freshman as I thought I should have" guys that transferred out.

He ran even before they recruited Macon and Barford.


And it was a major loss for MA and the program. One of the things that really stunted program progress.

We’ve lost a few difference makers and I’m hearing another one is a real possibility. This has to stop.

It won’t. Not with MA. Not with the next coach. Not with the next next coach. Same way with every major program in America.

That’s not the way college hoops is anymore. Every decent player thinks they’re a 1 and done and if they’re not getting what they believe is enough minutes, their friends and family are in their ear.

Think about Hall. He played a ton last year. He would have been a huge part of this team. He was local. Fan favorite.

He left to go star at one of the worst programs in America.

And, it happens all over the place.

So saying if “has to stop” is naive. It isn’t going to stop here under MA. It isn’t going to stop when they fire him. It isn’t stopping all over the country.

It’s an epidemic.

kid developed into a solid player as a filth year Sr. I wouldn’t make him out to be a game changer, program saver.

He wasn’t a program saver but he does a lot of things that would have helped last year and might have made that a Sweet 16 team. He averaged 11 PPG 7 APG and 7 RPG last year (as a guard).

When you’re in the tournament the margin for error/advancement is slim. That skill set would have definitely helped.

I’ve watched him the last two seasons and the one thing that I see that he does best is keep his team settled down and under control those things that don’t show up in the box score.

What ever happened to working hard & earning your game minutes? Crying over immediate playing time. But,
Babb transfers sits out a year so he can get the desired playing time he was seeking. Do the math, actually he could have done that a year earlier here.
Some of these kids must be like robots for their family and friends.

We don’t need name calling and ridicule of each other.

Nobody’s opinion is right. Nobody’s is wrong.

Debate, but don’t hate


I disagree I’ve seen people with right and wrong opinions.

Baked check PM please.


The loss that is even sadder than Wieler-Babb is Khalil Garland. We just can’t seem to catch a break with the big, versatile Guards. We used to be a factory for those type players, now we can’t keep them around for more than a year. Two years ago I had high hopes that Gafford, Garland and Hall were going to be around for at least the next three years and that Reggie Perry and Isiah Joe would be coming in right behind them. Oh what might have been.

The overall tone on the board right now. Posters offer up their opinions and then it inevitably turns into name calling

Just wait and see if the rumors are true. What’s going on now is nothing compared to what will be posted then.

Mike not being the coach is just part of it.

Bottom line when you get these players you have to play them. CMA has failed in that regard and that’s why he loses so many. Babb in my opinion should’ve been playing more than Watkins, but that’s me. I see the same stuff happening again this year. His rotations and lineups are mindboggling and its gonna cost him his job. Im a fan of CMA, but he is stubborn and seems to not like change. To be at your best you have to be willing to change and adjust.