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By Josh Pate of 247 Sports. 15 minutes about the Texas game. Well, that and the bigger picture: The culture Sam is creating on this team, and how Nebraska and some of the other schools that are scuffling would do well to emulate it. I think Pate really gets what Sam is trying to do. Get the culture right and the wins follow.

The glory days at Nebraska happened because Tom Osborne created a culture and then plugged some very talented players into it (that’s me, not Josh, but I think it fits).

Anyway, here it is


Good stuff - thanks for sharing!

Swine that was AWESOME! How are you always finding this stuff? Thanks for sharing man. This dude gets it. And the precepts he articulates regarding building culture apply to EVERYTHING.

Really great stuff.

Thanks, Swine, for sharing this! I wish recruits could see it!

Wow! That was great stuff!


This one was easy, Robbie. I just opened my YouTube app and it suggested that video for me to watch. I also watched the Trey Biddy video Josh referenced. That was pretty good stuff too. Trey walked through the stadium, up through the west stands and out on to Razorback Road and Maple, talking about the game and what it meant to people.

Thanks for sharing….:+1:

Great find, he has it right!

Yes, that and Biddy’s walk were both very good. Been a while since we have good football related stuff to discuss!

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Yes, those walk and talks from Biddy are pretty good. I got hooked on them a couple of years ago.

And this guy (video posted in OP) really does get our culture and what is going on here. Thanks for posting.

You’re right there are tons of Arkansas stuff on YouTube.

There is revelation here.

For years we kept thinking we had to get on the bandwagon of flashy offense, and all the other “stuff” that would make us compete with the big boys. We kept being told we had to do something new to attract the best players

We had to come back to our own roots, our own culture. Turns out there are some pretty good players who just want to be respected but also be coached and taught.

We tried the fling with the hottie at the office, only to find out she was poison, and returned to our first love.

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Knew that was coming…

Biddy’s walk and talks are great when we get hammered. Had a couple of great ones during Chad’s time, I think MSU and western KY were gems. trey just sounded like everyone else did, very raw and open and honest. good stuff.


Just did

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