Just wanted to say Thanks to...

Many of you posters that reached out to me via phone calls, text and personal messages over the weekend.

It was tough on me, my wife and kids - not having my mom and brother around after the wreck they had with an 18-wheeler that killed them instantly.

We shared stories about them and continue to celebrate their lives

Thanks again to you all.

Did not know! So sorry to hear!! Thoughts and best wishes as you continue to deal with this debacle!!!
(No response necessary)
p.s. Was very impressed with your “customer friendly” response to an earlier poster concerning changes/additions to this site.

OK HELP me out on this last statement. Because I would rank out new site = to the FB team. I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings and maybe I’m just not up to speed on how to go about our site. HOW do you tell what post you have posted to. I post then can’t find it again. Just an example… SO IS there a thread about upcoming changes or a new book like Whole Hog Sports for dummies?

And about DD I didn’t reach out but that one is on me. I should have. I’m still working on a solution to my physical issues. But as you can see on Facebook I’ve been thinking of my parents a lot. DD has been through enough for several men…

This has been addressed in the past, but it was a long time ago. There are a couple of ways to identify those topics in which you have participated. One is to look at the icon in front of the post. It is a circle filled with lines. Scrolling lines indicate a hot topic. A star in the icon indicates that you have posted in the thread.
Another way is to look at the options in the red menu bar above. Clicking on the link MY POSTS will take you to a list of, drum roll please, your posts! If you are viewing on a mobile device, just locate the red bar with your userid in it. Then click on the menu icon.



There is no way for most of us to understand the pain you’ve experienced through that loss and the loss of your wife. But please know that you are in our prayers. Also know that I appreciate your honest, fair and informative reporting. You and Clay have had my utmost respect for years. Plus the new format and new reporters are terrific. Blessing to your family.


So sorry, Dudley.