Just want DVH

to get that NC soon. There’s not a more deserving Coach on the planet. We are so blessed to have him all these years.


Yep I agree, seems like there’s always something keeps us from being able to win it all. We still have a chance this year but odds are stacked way against us.


I don’t think it’ll be this year. Don’t have enough consistency on the mound this year to finish the CWS strong IMO. Paulette’s injury probably doomed our chances for a Natty this year. It’s too bad bc our D is elite this year. Just needed another shutdown starter.


When Peyton Pallette went down, our pitching never recovered. High on talent, but low on execution.


We’ll get there, this year, well, maybe yes, maybe no. You can be assured DVH has another top class coming in. No better facilities in the nation than ours. Woop Pig!

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I want a second opinion. :wink:

Class act as a coach on and off the field. I appreciate the way he acts and doesn’t allow a lot of foolish conduct on the field. We have a great leader of men! The life’s lessons these young men learn under DVH has more to do with life than baseball. The hope DVH wins it all this season. Maybe the stars are in line. First off beat Ole Miss tomorrow and Thursday l!

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This is not the blame game, but the season might be even better if we had discovered the best pitcher on the team earlier (certainly no worse than your second day starter). Maybe not, the record would be improved but Mac might be worn out by now. Hindsight always seems to be crystal clear.

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33 runs in 3 games ….

I like our chances even via the loser bracket

7 CWS in 20 years under DVH…

Numbers and wins do not lie.

But there will always be critics who know better.


Yeah we swing the bats very well against anybody but in LH and that’s exactly who they’re throwing again tonight. He is not put up good numbers but he’s not bad we will have to have a good approach of going the other way to have success against him probably. Then of course we have to get someone on the mound who can keep them from jumping out to an early lead this time hopefully Smith or Noland can do that

The regular season is meaningless except that it must be good enough to allow a team to get to and do well in the NCAAT. We got that. An extra win here or there makes no difference since we made it to the CWS. What matters now is that we have found a good pitcher and he was lights out last night. Now we need more pitchers to pitch well tonight and I hope tomorrow.

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We got 5 runs against their lefty ace and pen.

5 runs should put you in contention to win a baseball game. But not for a pitching collapse, we might have won or taken it down to the wire.

We will hit and score tonight.

But we will not win if we have another disaster on the mound. If our pitchers are on, I like our chances — as Llloyd of Dumb and Dumber said “I like it a lot”

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Well to be honest with you they gave us two or three runs early if you remember so we’re going to have to hit the ball a lot better to get 5-6 runs tonight I’m pretty sure

They didn’t give us those early runs. The sun did. And guess who’s starting in LF for the rebelious ones tonight? That’s right. Here comes the sun. Doo do do do do. Here comes the sun. And I say, it’s alright!


NE is right, the goal (regardless of record in the regular season) for the team is to get to the CWS. But a much bigger and important goal is to win it. WillMc didn’t throw a single pitch until the 32nd game of the season and even then, he had to ask DVH for a chance. You can still worship at the feet of the Hog shrine and admit someone on this staff let him slid a long way down the cracks. If he had pitched more in the regular season his development would be further along and more importantly, the staff would understand his talents better against different lineups. Hopefully, we can win the CWS from the losers bracket, but I bet the staff would like their chances much better if WillMc had the chance to throw three games instead of two.

Yeah maybe we can hit another to him out there and they can help us out again LOL,Be our luck they’ll hit one or two to Gregory and he won’t be able to see them.

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Bubba was talking about that last night. He said an outfielder should know how to change his position when he’s in the sun field so he doesn’t go through what the Auburn LF did. Gregory handled it just fine. Bello didn’t have a clue. Lost two of them in the sun; one didn’t matter because it went 416 feet, but he had no idea where it was. It could have hit him on top of the head.

But I’ve seen times when our outfielders lost balls in the lights too. It happens.

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I’d buy a pair of sunglasses like Gregory’s

You could also make the argument that McEntire is pitching this well because he didn’t throw as much as others during the regular season. I think one of the issues down the stretch in the regular season was that relievers wore down, which I’ve said I thought was due in part to how much they had to compensate for the innings that were lost when Pallette was injured. Pitchers have been able to rest up and it hasn’t been as much of an issue during the postseason, but the arms are still tired. That isn’t the case with McEntire.