Just ugly BB

being playing today in the SEC…

Not only in the SEC. There’s ugly basketball being played coast to coast. Not many teams shoot the ball good on a consistent basis. South Dakota State probably is the best shooting team. Texas A&M is the best three point shooting team in the SEC.

As I’ve said, college basketball is basically unwatchable from an aesthetic standpoint. I watch the Hogs because I love them. I’m a fan. But the NBA is a far better basketball product.

And let’s not complain about the loss today. The Arkansas Razorbacks, in all sports, including basketball, have finally prioritized winning. That’s not been the case the last 10 to 15 years. I won’t for a minute take that for granted. Yes, some losses will happen. One happened today. But this is a great resurgence of Arkansas Razorbacks athletics. We need to sit back and enjoy and appreciate it.

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