Just tuned in to CWS at DET

… (on MLB network) in time to see James McCann get a hit. He is now batting .367.

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Benny got two hits last night which finally pulled him up over .100. That doubled his season hit total.

Wow, he got over the Vinson line. Next goal: the Mendoza line.

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Andrew went on the10-day IL today

I wonder if the injury has been a factor to his very slow start?

Wondered the same.

This article says he was injured running the bases during that two-hit game. Not related to the slump.

Running the bases caught him off guard…


That’s cold, Hogrus, but funny. When you are 2 for 36, you wonder how you will ever hit a baseball again.
Slumps are a miserable time for any ballplayer, especially one who is looking for a long term contract.

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