Just to pose a question, what if?

I’m enjoying all the talk around our top 10 ranking, our seeding in the NCAA tournament and our potential in the SEC tournament.
My question is, what if, (God forbid), we lose our first tournament game??
How would that change things?

Which tournament? If you mean the SEC, my personal opinion is that we don’t move if we lose to Jawja or Misery Friday.

To clarify, if we lose our first SEC tournament game.

To me, wouldn’t like it, but, wouldn’t be shocked. Missouri beat us at home lets not forget.

If that happens and we follow that up with a good NCAAT (whatever “good” means), losing in the SECT would be a nonevent.

We lose it and follow it up with a first round loss in the NCAA’s? That would be a real downer. I would still think we had a great year, but, would be disappointed.

I agree, with you, it would definitely be a downer, but with the success this year with this team and with CM at the helm, ARKANSAS BASKETBALL IS BACK!

I don’t see that as realistic. This team beat our arch enemy, Kentucky on the road. We beat Missou on the road, after they beat us. And, we took care of Florida, Bama and LSU most recently. Moreover, the team continues to get better.

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