Just to change subjects for a moment.

Just watching a report about two transgendered female athletes in Connecticut dominating girls track and field. When do you suppose we will see transgendered athletes on the college level. This could be a boon to the UofA’s Women’s Basketball program. As well as soccer, softball, track, and gymnastics. When do you think transgendered athletes will be in Women’s sports like the WNBA, Tennis, Golf, and a host of other sports. When female athletes start objecting, will they be accused of being bigots? Just remember that this is the logical outcome of a progressives view of equality. Just to note that I’m attempting to be both humorous and a bit serious at the same time. Both of which I’ve come up short on more than one occasion.

https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/gen … 05721.html

This is not the same but may give you an idea what could be coming.

Semenya Caster of South Africa is the Women’s 800M Olympic champion and dominates that event like no other woman has. Her voice and physical appearance is of a man, kind of like Brittany Greer. She has been thoroughly tested and determined to be a woman except her testosterone levels are higher than what is normally found in a woman. So, IAAF, the ruling body of Track & Field has set a limit for allowable testosterone levels for a female athlete. Caster is fighting that ruling.