Just thought I'd share my latest exercise routine with all of you



Lord have mercy. He looks like an NFL LB.

As with Rihanna’s halftime show, four score plus five allows a certain detachment when watching such displays of personal exertion put away long ago though I did feel a twitch to do a few uphill bear walks from my youth.

Sometimes it is better to amble forward in a slow walk to smell the flowers better…

That’s elite fitness there.

I can do the part about going flat on ground. Then I roll over and slowly get to my feet. I’m about to get Velcro for my shoes. This tying your shoe laces is wasted time you could be sitting in boat fishing.

One word…Skechers!

The last time I did something like that was when I got too ambitious eating a hot pepper. Well maybe I embellish, I probably did not do that, it just felt like that.

I was like….What the……when watching that. Funny part is, the guy sitting to the left looks like he has seen it enough times to not care anymore lol. Me, I think I would stare at it every time he did it……sheeshhhhh!!!

Is that all you do? Lol

Reminds me of watching my dad cook frog legs in the skillet as a child. It seemed like they would flinch with the muscles flexed during cooking. Maybe not. I’ve not seen a crawdad boil but maybe they flop around?

That is actually elite level athleticism. Just…wow.

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