Just thought I'd mention this

For all of you that have been advocating that Arkansas jump to the Big 12 (and you know who you are)…THIS is EXACTLY why that has always been a poorly thought-out “solution”.

Imagine IF we were in the Big 12 right now and the rumors (TEX and OU moving on) were true. We’d be in a tremendous scramble with Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa State and OSU to find a home.

And do you think that new “home” would be anywhere near as prestigious and/or lucrative as the SEC?

Of course not.

That was always a fool’s dream. And now, you have the proof…

Carry on…


Very good Wizard! One knew it had to only be a matter of time before the 2 big players in the small 12 realized the SEC is and will be the flagship of college athletics. Even more powerful now with the onset of NIL, the SEC will likely become a ‘stand-alone’ force in the soon to be obsolete NCAA

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Absolutely correct

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And while I’m on this point…another thing…

I understand why many have turned their animus toward Ole Miss, Bama, Auburn, et al and just don’t understand why most (not all…but most) of us “olders” retain the hate for Texas. I really do. In the SEC, beating those other teams mattered more - ultimately - than whipping the Horns, no matter how satisfying that always is.

But it looks like the curmudgeons may have the last laugh. Because - I guarantee you - if Texas joins the SEC they will very quickly rise to Alabama’s status as the team other conference teams/fans LOVE to hate.

Strange, but I remember when the IVY league was the most important league in college football, it shifted to the MIdwest which became the Big 10 then to the West Coast and then to the SEC and I suspect eventually it will be a nationwide alignment.

Bob, you’re old but not that old. The Ivy League hasn’t won a share of any mythical national championship since 1927. In the 30s and early 40s, what would become the Big Ten was winning titles (five by Minnesota, one each by Michigan and Ohio State), although TCU and A&M won in 38 and 39.

Yeah, as a ten or eleven year old in the 40’s I remember two or three IVY leagues teams in the top ten but they were on the way out. The IVY league, Notre Dame, Army were still strong for a while in my real young days. In 44 or 45 I rememger Army had three backs on the first AA team, Doc Blanchard, Glen Davis and Tucker the QB were all 1st team AA.
But the Big 10 had risen avove the others.

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The Big Ten is actually the oldest conference, founded in 1896 (two years after the University of Arkansas Cardinals played their first game). The Ivy wasn’t officially created as an athletic conference until 1954, although the term was applied to those schools as early as 1933.

So, since it wasn’t a conference until 1954, it couldn’t have been the most important one.

That’s good info thanks. IIRC both the IVY and Big 10 at one time attempted to do away with athletic scholarships, the Big 10 only if the family of the athlete could afford to pay the cost, but the attempts did not last long. Actually I do not know if the old IVY league schools have schollies now. Actually I am not sure they even have football any more. I guess I will look that up.

I checked and most IVY schools are playing a ten game schedule with 5 home games.
ESPN has several listed for I assume local viewing.

Ivies do not allow athletic scholarships in any sport, but they have very good financial aid packages for kids whose families aren’t filthy rich, athletes or not. Yes they still have football. Dartmouth and Yale tied for the 2019 Ivy title at 6-1/9-1, but Dartmouth won the game between the two. Both schools were ranked in the final FCS poll, but the Ivy has never participated in the FCS playoffs (neither have the HBCU conferences, who would rather play their own bowl games instead).

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Thanks, Swine. Time goes by.

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