Just talked to the dad of a current Razorback

He and his son both liked CBB as a man and wish that had worked out. But they both are very positive about CCM. Cautiously optimistic about short and long-term success, like most of us.

His son already had his exit interview and was pleased with the feedback. Apparently he loves how young all the coaching staff is, they apparently relate very well with the players.

I mentioned how the team looked more fit at the Red-White game, and he gave an evil chuckle, saying “they ran their asses off the first couple months!”

Why is it that we dads love our son’s pain so much, lol

Anyway, thought I’d share a tidbit as we all wait 4 looooong months for the season


Good stuff Hogfield!!

I would hope the vast majority of players and their parents are excited. Nobody likes losing - often in blowout fashion- and a new coach represents a hope for better results through new ideas, attitude, etc.

Thanks for sharing this tidbit.