Just talked to a former Husker player

I agree with this, but don’t blame folks. The product in football has been average to poor for the last several years with the fan experience at DWRRS not on par with what I’ve experienced in Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, etc. Hopefully, both the on field product and fan experience will improve with new leadership and ideas.

In defense of the fan base, attendance is down at lots of places… the rising cost of attendance (tickets + donations) is losing ground to 70” HDTVs.

I can attest to that. I never got the opportunity to go to Lincoln, but Nebraska almost always made at least one trip to Oklahoma each year, and I enjoyed hearing him talk about the game. He was one class act.

Call me a waahmbulance. Nebraska loses games too. Nebraska has Best Buy selling 70 inch TVs. Memorial Stadium is old with crappy seats in the end zone. Doesn’t matter. They show up, every week, and some of them drive from Scottsbluff to do it (that’s 399 miles each way, in a different time zone). Our fans don’t even want to drive from Little Rock, or even TO Little Rock. But boy they’ll call Bo to bitch about the coach. Or post here.

Uhh… no disagreement from me about Husker fans. I think I was the first person in this thread to say comparing their fan base to ours was off the mark.

But, they and a few other programs are an aberration to a trend of declining attendance in college football. At Arkansas and plenty of other places attendance has been trending downward. As for me I attended a few games last year but my Saturdays are dominated by my son’s soccer these days. I could have attended the last two but like many others I felt empty seats were needed to send a clear message. Thankfully it was was revived oud and clear. As for 2018 I’ll be on the soccer circuit but plan to be at games when possible.

Attendance has been down at Arkansas for one season. The three seasons before that it increased year over year, while the nationwide trend decreased. So Razorback fans have bucked the trend with the exception of last season, when they didn’t show up as much primarily because of two things: disappointment in the coaching staff and a poor schedule vs. the year before when Alabama, LSU and Florida were all in Fayetteville.

For what it’s worth, Nebraska’s average attendance dropped by an average of 402 per game last season when there was discontentment with the head coach.

The consecutive sellouts is amazing. Back into the 60s.

http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/putt … e9b95.html

I’m afraid you’re right. However, Nebraska has enjoyed much greater and more recent success than we have. Yes, I know their program has fallen a bit, too, but they were playing for national championships within the memory of almost every fan old enough to buy their own ticket. Only Razorback fans who can remember 40 years ago can remember thinking we were legitimately in the hunt for a #1 finish. (The Orange Bowl team of '77 was legitimately there by season’s end.) We’ve had 3-4 pretty good years since 1998, but our program hasn’t been nearly as good as Nebraska’s since we entered the SEC. I suspect if you traded our records with each other, our spring game would be much better attended & theirs would be off quite a bit.

There is one other factor that helps Nebraska as far as attendance goes: Almost the entire population of Nebraska is within an hour or so of Lincoln. Omaha is twice or more the size of Little Rock. Lincoln is nearly 300,000. That doesn’t count all the towns in the area of those two. Our fan base is much more spread out. Most is at least 3 hours from RRS. A large portion, probably over half, is 2 hours or more from WMS. If our fans were closer to the stadium, it’d be easier to fill it up.

Regardless, right now we can’t claim to be in Nebraska’s league as far as support goes. At least not for football. We do much better than NU in other sports.

They all live in Nebraska. There’s nothing but corn fields for hundreds of miles in every direction. Coming off winter season, everything has been cold and dead for months (think of the movie “Fargo”). The spring game provides them with some red and green color and a structure other than a grain elevator. This is --literally-- all they have man.

Who do you think will win the most games their first season Frost or Morris ? They both have their work cut out for themselves and will be interesting how they fair. WPS

I think Arkansas has the better chance to win more games in 2018. Even for a rebuilding team, there are six games that are ripe for the taking (Eastern Illinois, North Texas, Tulsa, Colorado State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt).

Nebraska has some built-in wins, but not as many winnable games, in my opinion.

Nebraska plays OSU, MSU, Michigan and Wisconsin, which look like losses. They have Troy, Akron and Illinois, which look like wins.

The other five games are toss ups at worst. Colorado, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Minnesota. I think they will win at least six, and probably seven total. An eight win season is not out of the question at all.

I think we will win six, with a decent shot at seven. Eight wins would be a hugely pleasant surprise.

So I would lean towards Nebraska winning more games this year, not because they have better talent, but because they play in the Big Ten.

I based that prediction, in part, off last season’s results. Nebraska lost by 33 at Minnesota and by 42 to Iowa at home. Anything can happen on a given day, but those scores typically speak to a talent gap and it’s difficult to make up that gap in a year.

I’ll take six wins and be happy and look forward to the next season with a optimistic out look. Frost will have the tougher road and the fan base there should be elated to have him and if he gets six wins the first year it would be a turn in the right direction. WPS

While Nebraska’s defense was not good at all in 2017, the team let go of the rope after losing in OT to Northwestern. That included the huge losses to Minnesota and Iowa. They seemed to have recruited pretty well in 15 and 16, so if the new staff can get more out of the returnees than the old staff, they should be quite a bit better. I think the big question is whether their defense can be at least decent.

I’d say that’s a coin flip. Don’t think Nebraska or Arkansas will set the world on fire next year. Nebraska’s talent has slipped. Momentum is what it’s all about for a new coach. You get an upset win early and things can turn around. But I’m not predicting any upset wins for either team until I see a little more of what’s going on at quarterback at both places.

I see what you did there …

Mighty significant day in Hog history. More meaningful
memories than I could write in a good week.