Just talked to a former Husker player

he said they charge $15 a seat for their spring game, and this year they SOLD OUT their stadium in 24 HOURS!

That’s 83,000 people! apparently Nebraska is excited about their coach, lol. I just love college athletics, makes geeks out of all of us


Husker fans are rabid, very Razorback like. A great fan

No disrespect to good Arkansas fans but no chance you could fill up DWRRS for a spring game if you paid people $20 to show up. Nebraska has also sold out all games for 20+ years.

They are collectively the best, most loyal fan base in the country.

Scott Frost has his work cut out for him. The expectations are insane - former national champion QB goes undefeated in his previous stop, takes over alma mater that believes it should win national championships regularly, but hasn’t even won its conference in nearly 20 years.

FIFY. Matt is right. Scott Frost has his work cut out for him. Nebraska punched way above its weight for so long that the fan base demands it. However, when their team isn’t so good, the fans don’t stay home on Saturdays. Unlike some alleged fans around here (“we’ll stay home so the administration will fire the coach”).

I spent the week of their first game in Nebraska several years ago. Those folks are something else. I’ve never seen so much school colors banners anywhere.

They love their team.

They are not divided in their fan base whatsoever. They love the Big Red and desperately want to win and win big. Kind of like basketball here, the 90s spoiled them with national championships in football. In all, they have five titles. But like us, they’ve scuffled over the last few years.


It’s hard to admit to some Arkansas fans, but you can’t compare the Razorback fan base to Nebraska. The passion is there, but it doesn’t translate to butts in the seats. Not even close.

They are good folks and they love and support their team


It’s hard to admit to some Arkansas fans, but you can’t compare the Razorback fan base to Nebraska. The passion is there, but it doesn’t translate to butts in the seats. Not even close.

[/quote] you’re right. Not even close. Frost is a stud coach & will do well but unless he can get FL talent to go to Lincoln he won’t replicate his winning percentage at Nebraska

Speaking of Nebraska, I noticed they are playing Colorado this year in Lincoln and next year in Boulder. This year’s game is the same day the Razorbacks play at Colorado State.

I’m glad to see that game is being played again. I’ve watched many NU-CU games the day after Thanksgiving while waiting for Arkansas-LSU to begin. It’s one of a lot of great rivalries that have been lost to conference realignment.

Would love to see The Hogs schedule a home and home with CU!


Neb was one of the sexiest schools in the nation when Osborne was there because they were one of the schools that was on TV all the time during a time when here were few games televised. Not so now, with basically all the games on TV. Much tougher job now.



The bigger issue, in my opinion, is that Nebraska went from being a big fish in a small sea to an average one in a big sea.

In the Big 8, Nebraska and Oklahoma ruled the roost. It was essentially the same way in the Big 12, plus Texas.

Now it competes in a conference with Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State, as well as some other programs like Iowa and Michigan State that have strong teams most years.

Their slide started in the Big 12 in the early 2000’s.


They still were playing in the Big 12 championship game up until their final year in the league. In 2009 they should have been Big 12 champs, but Mack Brown got his 1 second put on the clock to get a field goal and nullify poor clock management.

I am in regular contact with two great Cornhusker fans in Fayetteville. Their two families both have four season tickets a year. Both draw numbers in their annual party for the game they attend. They get one game, as do other siblings. It’s done all over Nebraska and around the country. They know that’s all they will ever get as no seats will ever come open to buy. Stadium will stay that size.

The stadium has more end zone seats than anywhere in the country. I think it’s like 60 percent of seats are end zone. Nobody cares.

Nebraska fans for years sold out Kansas and Kansas State stadiums. They knew it would by 70-0.

I covered one game a year in Lincoln for 14 years at the Tulsa World, OU or OSU. Always interesting.

Tom Osborne was one of nicest men I ever met.

Arkansas used to have a rabid fan base but unfortunately most of those haven’t either passed on or are too old to go anymore.

The great Razorback fan base talk is just that all talk. Nothing to back it up anymore.