Just Something For All To Consider

I am an Arkansas grad and have followed this team closely since 1973 when I made the life changing decision to become a Razorback for life. There is no turning back.
Last Saturday’s loss sucked the life out of me for the program and caused me to think long and hard about how much passion I could continue to put into this frustrating program.
Tonight I had a revelation that it is absolutely vital for all Razorback Football fans to support this team and coaching staff even harder because I believe if Chad Morris fails to succeed here the position could become nuclear for a long time to come.
Following the embarrassing end to the Petrino Era, the even more embarrassing end of the brief John L Smith Era and the crash of the CBB ERA that started off so positively and ended with the program sapped of momentum and talent, CCM has to succeed. And I think the only way to keep that from happening in the long run is to lose faith in him.
Now I believed in CBB and was shocked at what was left in his wake. Had we not been in the SEC we might not have been able to get CCM to come here. We do have that cushion, which is nice.
There is no doubt that the CCM ERA is off to a rough start, but I sincerely believe it is far more the result of the shocking conclusion of the CBB Era than an inability for CCM to turn this program around.
I encourage all fans to reach down deep and find perhaps your last shred of faith in him and this program and support him to the max. I think this is vital if we want SEC level coaches and players to want to come to The Hill.
So before you stop going to games (if you are able), and writing scathing comments about the coach and calling for his firing and any of his coaches this is a time to think beyond the moment. It is time to stop the searching for instant gratification or feeding the desire to vent and think long long term about what the failure of this coach could mean.
This is a very young team that is still talent and experience short. It appears CBB left CMM nothing. He had to start from scratch and it is going to take awhile to teach kids how to win in a very tough league. We as fans and supporters have to all be knowledgeable and mature enough to understand this and find the kind of faith that the last ten years has tried so hard to drain. If we do this then I believe we will be rewarded with the successful program that we all desire.
Thanks for the opportunity to get this off my chest.


Hurst, thanks for taking the time to express this very important insight. We are of like mind on this subject. Our human impulse is for instant gratification-the younger the more intense.
My hope is that your missive is read and discussed far and wide by our fellow Razorback fans.

There is little(near zero)room for error and each game exacts its toll. This is a zero-sum game we
are engaged in and every team wants to win. Too sleepy to think clearly so I will end with just
a request that you please continue to add your thoughts and encouragement here on this forum.

Excellent post. I’ve been a Razorback fan since I was a kid in Pine Bluff in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The last few years have been tough but (to me) there is hope for the future. Support the team and coaches even when they fail. No one wins when you have a revolving door in the HC office.

And please don’t run down players on social media or message boards. Yesterday when a young player missed a tackle someone posted that OBU was the only team that recruited him. This kid, his dad and two brothers have given more sweat, blood and effort to the Razorback program than any of us. Just heard yesterday one of our OLine kids asked on social media that any complains about his play be directed to him and to leave his family alone. Sad. Be kind and love the kids.

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Great post. Needs pinned. Young talent takes time to grow together. We will beat someone we shouldn’t real soon.

That type of behavior toward kids is sad and inexcusable. It almost assuredly comes from someone who is young and has no kids, or has “perfect” kids like so many of my friends and family. As long as they are doing their best and don’t give up I’m with them. I would never abandon my kids nor will I do anything to harm these fine young men representing us. Everyone please take a breath and support these players and coaches as they do their best to correct this situation. Don’t let us be part of the problem. This is not professional sport and shouldn’t be treated that way. Being a grandfather has really helped me in this regard. I never get mad or upset with my grandchildren in sporting events. I root, support and encourage. That’s what we must do, now. Go Hogs!!

Sorry, but the football folks in Fayetteville have pretty much sucked the enthusiasm out of me. AD, coaches, players, equipment guys. You name it. I’m still a fan. Wouldn’t be a longtime subscriber to this board if not. But they continue to do really, really stupid things before, during and after games that are so shockingly bad and lead directly to losses. This has gone on for 7 years. Very hard for me to see that this will change any with Chad Morris based on what I’ve seen out of him. Club Dub after Colorado State? Are you kidding me? This guy is pretty clearly learning to be a head coach on the job. He’s learning he can’t completely mimic what Dabo does and win like Dabo. I don’t blame anyone for being impatient after 7 years when a guy like this is hired, and especially when he’s never beaten a P5 team and still hasn’t.

I went to the OU game yesterday. Talk about a contrast in programs. OU has always been far superior to Arkansas in football. But it was refreshing to see high octane, well coached football. Unstoppable. Artistry on grass.

I was following the Aggie game via scoreboard updates during the OU game. Guys I was with we’re giving me kudos. My attitude was, “Don’t worry, we’ll lose.” And we did. How can anyone truly have confidence Chad Morris could win a game Iike that? Losing has permeated this football program. I still care but see no real solution on the close horizon.

Well I suggest you just keep following OU.

It doesn’t take your brilliant insight to inform us how superior their program is to ours. That’s pretty obvious.

Bur let’s keep firing coaches every two years if we don’t instantly reach that level.



Oh I will. Trust me. Boomer Sooner. Meanwhile, y’all can continue to look down your nose and criticize Hog fans like me (and there are plenty) who have essentially had enough. Fire a coach. Don’t fire a coach. I don’t care. At some point results count, including a result like yesterday. A loss. We are way past that point now.

If you truly didn’t care you wouldn’t be on this message board.

Look, we are all frustrated and unhappy with where we are.
What do we do about it?
The same thing with any problem in life.
Put your head down. Work. Grind it out.

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Great post. Agree 100%. Coach is growing as are our young players. To continually knock them down as some tend to do serves no purpose whatsoever.They are young men that came here to represent this University. Let’s support the players and coaches as we,re getting close.

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A Hog fan, perhaps, but maladjusted. Life has to suck when those around you have to be
closing fast toward perfect. All of us feel disappointed with the current state of our program.

I have a nephew that I love deeply who is soon to begin treatment for lung and bone cancer.
That meeting he had with his oncologist on Friday was a lot worse than us losing our game on Saturday.


So sorry to hear about your nephew - prayers sent. Yes, there’s nothing like a real life tragedy to slap you up-side the head and make you hate what you see in the mirror when you’re complaining about a football program.

Unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel. We had a niece, who we loved dearly, that was murdered a few years back. When she was 6 years old (30 years ago), she spent a wonderful summer with us when her parents were struggling through a divorce. I will forever hold the wonderful memories, from those few months with her, dear to my heart.

Your post gave me a much needed jolt, as I’ve been doing exactly what I pointed out in my first paragraph. Complaining incessantly about our football program. I really, really hope your nephew’s treatments are 100% successful.

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Thanks , Harley.
I lost a dear, close brother to a brutal murder a few years ago(December 8, 2016). For most of us it is inconceivable that we might lose a loved one because a sick, warped human being can rob them of their life.

Interesting note about the bond that was forged when your niece lived with your family at a young
age. I had a similar experience with my nephew. He lived with us for close to a year. I remember
the terrible sadness my mom and dad and I felt when he rejoined his family.
Sorry you have experienced the mindless loss of your niece.

Now let’s hope to see our Hogs rebuild to the point that no one counts them as an easy win. We can have a highly successful football program.

Hate to rain on this “Just be patient” parade, but we’ve been hearing this not just for the past seven years, but decades. Can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t want to wait until I’m almost dead before the football team turns around. Not saying fire CCM at the end of this season or maybe even the next. Yes. CCM needs a bit more time to recruit his kind of players. But I do believe that the OC and DC needs to be replaced. CCM has some time, but not forever.

I don’t like these posts. There is no equivalence or relationship whatsoever between posting on a stupid message board or bitching about a college football program and a loved one, let alone a child, dealing with cancer. Please. I’d just advise you take this message board, including my few posts, for what they’re worth and set aside the cancer stuff. One really has nothing to do with the other. I’m heartbroken for anyone dealing with cancer. Just awful. I know. But we ought to be able to post on here without these false equivalents, or being made to feel guilty because we dare to complain here about Razorback football and all the losing.

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43 years ago this weekend the Hogs lost 9-3 to Tulsa…my cousin had just graduated from Tulsa and was dating a football player…it was awful…the sky was falling and the season was filled with L’s. Who would know then that our new coach would field my favorite team the very next season. wps.


Oh I bet you were ALL Hog and mighty when we had a 2yr high during DACBP tenure! If he is so great what happened with his 2nd stint at UL?? Once again he left it in shambles (ATL, U of A, etc ). As soon as CCM gets the recruits and the young men mature ( many were playing HS ball at this time last yr not BIG Boy SEC ball) go through another season of strength and conditioning your bandwagoning self will be right here posting the praise of CCM and how you knew he would be the next Saban!!!
Yes we are down and many programs in the SEC have been in this same spot at some point!!! I still believe in the HOGS and CCM!!!

So to all you Sunday morning coaches and QB’s need to give the man time as I don’t recall any of the coaches asking for your help or you getting an interview for the HC position!!!

Good Lord all need to get off their high horses! I don’t see CCM coming to your job and throwing rocks at you while you mow!!!


Well aren’t you just a sour apple. If this is just a message board, then why do you post so much? Go join the OU message boards, they probably have far superior fans, too.

Give me a break, dude.


Well, one, I don’t post that much. Two, if this were something more important than a message board, I’d worry about why they let you on it. But, alas, it’s just a message board. Thank goodness.

Ok, back to the OU board. Might swing by SMU’s too. Ponies now ranked #24.

hawgjaw I think you are nothing but a dam troll