Just some info, with the CWS is over-Fustration

[size=150]Frustration pure and simple. [/size]I’m 64 years old. Right at 6 months older than Clay. I’m a FS Northside guy, Clay Little rock. Clay had a dad that was their for him and raised him with that tough love. M om made all my games and was a pretty good player util I tore up that knee. My dad was never there except 1 time when I got hit in the back of the head as a catcher and a kid that never batter swung all the way around and hit me in the back of the head. BUT I had to keep playing. The last thing I remember was the ump saying Son you’re bleeding bad. Then I’m I’m on the emergency room table. Blood everywhere. My dad was drunk and mom took me to the hospital. Dad head back out to dring more. I wanted to be a Razorback. I didn’t care what sport. I was good enough to at least walk on. I had 2 offers but I was going to the UofA. Only one problem, I kept getting hurt. Arms, both legs, a foot, hand and fingers. One time I got blood poison because I wouldn’t tell my parents. I just covered it it up with my pants leg. Then one day I wake up and could not get out of bed. I could go on and write a book about just my injuries.

I have had a license in about 8 different businesses. I was the project coordinator for the Field of Dreams in Van Buren, Arkansas. I named it, made a video with Ken Huge, Norm, Ozzie, the Mayor and myself to raise money. Norm and I are friends to this day. We even had coffee and he told me the complete story of Mr Baum and how the was introduced and how that money came in. Actually he was trying to raise money for lights for some American legion field somewhere. He was out times asking Kevin McReynolds for money. He needed about 15,000 bucks. Then a friend said to call this Mr Baum and ask him for coffee. He did. They had coffee. BUT no answer was given. Norm waited and waited. Norn decided he would call him again. They had coffee and againg no answer was given. Then about 3 weeks later a check came in the mail and it was for 15,000 bucks. Norm told Mr Baum about some day of a vision to build or add to the old field to make a better place to play for the Razorbacks. Never asking for money. There was another letter and a 1000,000 check with many more to come and boom there is Baum Stadium. Norm has told me many time every time he drives by or goes to check out a player he thinks of me.

Over 100 articles were written about me and the 6000 hours I donated for free to the Field of Dreams. I actually worked at Whirlpool 45 hours a week. 6-8 hours a day on the Field of Dreams. A baseball field named after me. Didn’t do all that work just to have a name of a baseball field after me. Several Cal Ripkin 13 year Old World series have be played at the 11 baseball complex. I’ve had a couple of guys say Tucker if you would have became famous OR someone took interest in you they should write a book about you.

Razorback Foundation I been giving since 1977, and had 34 years of season Basketball tickets.
SO having been born in Fayetteville, living across the street of the football field. I’m heavily invested in Razorback sports. Dave calmed me down when he said I’m good. I just have it for the kids, Norm and the state SO IF I make some comments that were said out of disappointment it was just frustration. My problem is I can’t forget the 69 game, the fumble, the overrun fly ball could have erased all the bad luck our State has been through. Treated like a step-child for so many years. I’m proud to be an Arkansan and a grad of the UofA. Just the agony of Defeat is killing me.

Doctors are now saying that I have worked to hard my life and I’m down to not even being able to travel very far and , no golf, fishing, anything and I mean anything for the past 3 or 4 years. Keeping both my parents for several year just about broke the camels back. I praise God every day I wake up and can walk. I’ve been all over the country watching the Hogs. SOMETIMES I ask a lot like Shaddy and I go way overboard and let my emotions take over. WHEN I do something, anything I go 100 and 10 miles hour. Guess that why I’m in the shape I’m in today.

Michael Tucker

Prostate #‘s way up again. And recovering from total knee replacement.
I don’t know if falling off a roof 25’ in 1998 OR the total knee replacement was the worst recovery (PAIN) I have every had. I know people who just had NO problems at all but mine has taken 4 months to finally turn the corner. I swear I had to use Chinese torture to get the both bends. 2 belts hooked together, rapped around my foot and pull up as hard as I could the somebody pushing up from my calf and down from my just above the knee cap. Mercy…

Bone-deep Razorback.
I share some of the pain over '69 since I was there and still remember it vividly, same with the blatant robbery in the '71 Liberty Bowl. Too many in-your-face cheats to count from SWC
refs that cost us no telling how many championships.

The missed National Championship in baseball will haunt these
players their whole lives. Few ever remember #2.

Razorback339, I loved your movie man. Wish you all the best!