Just saw Tyree is declaring

Is Wimbush our next big target

Hicks is my guess…

Unless Buechele says he’s transferring after graduating in May.

Arkansas should know about who is available after everyone completes Spring practice. Hicks probably is the best guess right now.

But does Hicks wait until then to commit to a school, and really what are his options?

I’m sure Ar staff knows who is available now, who may become available later, who is off limits due to commitments, how they would fit here, academic status and all other possibilities.
Much more than we fans would or could ever know at this point.

I think Hicks may have burned his bridge with CCM when he left for Arkansas. Shortly after it was announced that Chad was taking the Arkansas job, a 247 writer for SMU posted this on the AR 247 board. He said a reporter asked Hicks if he was thinking about transferring and his reply was something to the effect of “why would I transfer to AR just to keep playing backyard football”.

Now, he had just heard about Chad leaving and this may have been “sour grapes” about Chad leaving SMU and him. However, if this got back to CCM, it may explain why he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet on Hicks.

Well of course they do, but message boards wouldn’t exist if we didn’t pontificate and speculate.

Time is running out for anyone else to be here for spring ball.

And Morris said they would be willing to wait until summer to bring in a Grad transfer QB.

Only time will tell then, Im sure their evaluations are very in depth if they have to wait till summer on a QB.
One that has the physical capabilities but needs to have the mental capabilities & work ethic to grasp the system & work voluntarily with the team until fall.

Sounds like Jackie Childs - speculate, pontificate, regurgitate…

Spring semester classes begin Jan. 14
Could still get in if enrolled by the end of that week

Who could?!?

Any grad transfer QB.

I assume Tyree Jackson got a good evaluation from the pro scouts because his numbers suggest another year in college would be helpful. But money talks and he apparently thinks he’s ready. Wish him well.

He might just be one of the shiniest turds in a weak QB year.