Just saw something very interesting re: Dook

One of my co-workers is a graduate of Vandy’s nurse practitioner program, and I was looking up some stuff to give her grief about going to a school full of spoiled rich kids from somewhere else (which is basically true). Just like Dook.

So I found a geographic breakdown of the Duke freshman class of 2020. They had kids from 48 different states. The two left out? Wyoming and Arkansas. My guess is the Coach K cult is so nauseating that no Arkansas kids wanted to go there.

Meanwhile, only 13% of the incoming Duke class was from NC.

Found roughly the same thing for Vandy. Vandy has 11 students enrolled from Arkansas. Total. And less than 10 percent of the Vandy undergrads were from Tennessee.

Our son is considering Vanderbilt for Law School, I would imagine not too many from Louisiana either…

20 from Louisiana. Again, that’s undergraduate, not the law school or the med school, but it works for my purposes of giving her grief.

I’m sure a lot of Arkansans have attended Duke and Vanderbilt.

The student body president in Clay’ senior high school year at Central is a grad of Duke Law School. He has been senior legal counsel for Duke’s Divinity School for a long time.

Another friend I grew up with in Little Rock was a Rhodes scholar from Vanderbilt. Double major in physics and economics. Drafted by the LA Rams.

Unfortunately I wasn’t that smart or athletic :confused:

My oldest son wanted to go to Duke, he didn’t have the grades (had the ACT and smarts, just didn’t apply himself). Youngest son, I was pretty sure he was going to Vandy after our visit there (that would have been in 2013) they did a great sales job. But he ended up at UA!

I am surprised there are no kids at Duke from Arkansas. Further surprised that there are only 11 at Vandy.

Yeah I know a couple of people from Little Rock who attended Vandy. I was a little surprised that there weren’t more; I would have guessed that if you decided you needed a better school than anything available in Arkansas, you would look at Vandy or Tulane or Rice first. The same source I found for Vandy says there was ONE Arkansas kid in the freshman class at Rice. Five at Tulane. And one at Yale and two at Harvard. Not very many at EOE-A or TAM either. Maybe those kids are staying home at UA more.

I also know at least one Arkansas kid who was in an Ivy school in 2020. The daughter of the doctor who hired me in Fort Smith in 2010 just graduated from Penn in Philadelphia. She attended Southside.

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