Just saw A&M

Fired their 25 year softball coach who has been to 3 WCWS…Hmmm…wonder "who " they might have in mind for a replacement???

A&M has a lot of money. Yurichek was going to have to rework Deifel’s contract at the end of the season due to all the winning but will have two reasons now.

I hate A&M. Jimbo overreacted to Saban’s comments. He overreacted so much that I decided Saban was on to even more than we realized. “The lady doth protest too much methinks.”


I had the same thoughts, NEArkie. I hope Bama destroys them next season.


I’d love to see Jimbo with a losing season next year. It would be hilarious.


About as likely as us going undefeated. I would love to see them and ola ms have losing records at least.


One of the best meme’s I saw after Jimbo’s meltdown said something to effect that Jimbo was fired up and A&M was going to be on a mission this year…would hate to be their Duke’s Mayo Bowl opponent


It seemed like she knew she was on her way out late in the season. They kept dropping little hints when I saw A&M games on SECN+.

Have they not had a good softball program??

I guess our coach doesn’t have a non compete clause. Probably never thought that was even necessary. Might rethink that now.

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