Just saw a Kendal Briles for Hawaii head coach

Todd Graham resigned and twitter has mucho many references to Kendall Briles to bring back the run and gun that Rainbow Warriors were known for with June Jones. I have a really good friend who was a Rainbow QB and stays connected to coaches everywhere who should get info if there is any. Should be a great gig for any coach looking to move.

Job conditions should make the new hire look good, since lots of player revolt about Graham and how he treated them.

Would be an interesting decision for Briles. He may want to wait, as another big year for the Hog offense will mean better job offers. Unless the WRs are a major disappointment, there’s plenty of reason to believe the 2022 offense will be even more potent than 21.

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Honestly, I think Hawaii is one of the worst jobs in FBS. The stadium is falling apart, it’s difficult to recruit players there and game travel is awful.


Almost impossible for parents to see their kids play. Middle of the night for TV. Expensive trip. Sounds good on the front end, but lots of issues. For some it might be a dream place. But it’s different and a challenge. Covid rules in Hawaii are also different.

I know a pro golfer who declined Sony Invitational because of the possibility of a tough quarantine.


I am amazed Todd Graham was still coaching and not surprised by player reactions. Today’s world is different. Timing is telling.

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Hawaii seems like a late-career job. Graham was only making $800,000 a year.

Wow. I didn’t think any head coach made under a mill these days.

Aloha Stadium was condemned. Basically they put up a temporary stadium on campus, with 9,000 seats this year, being expanded to 15K next year. Aloha is being torn down and replaced with a smaller stadium. Maybe. Feet are being dragged.

None of this makes the 'Bows job any better.

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