Just remembered a graphic shown by SEC channel last night

The Hogs are THE youngest basketball team in the country. If you have 6-8 McD’s AA players on your team you can get away with that. When you have 1 first round NBA draft pick and 0 McD’s AAs, you can’t. I’ve been complaining as much as anyone about the game last night. We all need to keep this in mind when we have a game like last night. This team should not have a night as poor as last night, but it did and it may not be the last one.

We have 9 talented players, but 4 are freshmen, 4 are sophomores (2 of those are first year Razorbacks), and one is a Jr. Six of our 9 primary players are 1st year Razorbacks. We have 4 players who stand out at the present time, and for us to beat a team the caliber of Florida, we need 2 or 3 of them to play well and get at least decent play from our bench. Last night we had one play well and got nothing offensively from our bench, and still almost pulled it out. Well, Gafford played well while he was on the floor, but had to sit too much due to a couple of bad fouls. If we want to beat a top 3 or 4 SEC team, even on our home court, we need 3 or all four of them to play well and get contributions from our bench. You might expect that to happen frequently if they were seniors and juniors (see TN), not when they are frosh and sophs and 3 new players.

The one thing that is the biggest disappointment for me is this young team doesn’t seem to have grasped the Hog tradition of leaving everything on the court at every home game. I don’t think I see the supreme effort that most all of Mike’s teams have shown at BWA. I don’t know if that is on Mike or the players or both. No way we should have had 3 home losses with this team. I hope they get this straightened out because we probably will be playing 5 or 6 teams at home who are more talented than the 3 teams we lost to.

Do you have to be a 5th year senior to make a free throw?

What sticks out of me about this team other than their youth,

  1. They had problems rebounding and were whipped on the boards the first 12 games. CMA said they have made it a pint to concentrate on rebounding. Well since that they have out rebounded Texas A&M and Florida.

  2. They were just plain bad from the free throw line against Texas and for several more games then they had a 3 game stretch where they were over 70%. Now they come back and throw up a poor effort against Florida.

  3. There’s a few of the players that haven’t figured out what a good shot is for them and what their role is on offense. Case in point Gabe putting up 3’s and making poor entry passes from the corner to Gafford whom has 3 players guarding him! Adrio dribbling up the floor on a fast break only to loose control and the ball out of bounds.
    Adrio rebounds under and behind the basket and puts up a shot instead of throwing the ball back out or calling time out.

The list could go on the only way they get better is by playing. Next year they will be better but for now we have to expect some bed outcomes. They can’t force tempo and they can’t finish at the rim. Once they learn to value the ball and take good shots they will go back to winning. The ball needs to go inside to Gafford more often than what it has been.