Just received text

Hope this is crazy rumor but just received text that said Whaley and Martin got into scuffle and Whaley 's jaw was broken. Please tell me this is not true

Really hope this isn’t true, I can’t find a reason two offensive guys would get after it, at what point are they hitting each other? That’s usually the reason for a scuffle.

We had character issues last year at the end of the season, I thought surely it would be cleaned up. Hope this isn’t true.

Seeing this as well. Looking for confirmation

Where are you seeing it?

Rumor rampant on twitter


On another board that there was a fight and quote “Martin got a hold of him pretty good”. However not confirmed it was a broken jaw. Said chance Whaley could play Saturday. Can’t even imagine a kid as questionable w a broken jaw. Guess we will find out soon enough

Other boards saying no confirmation on jaw and that some are saying he might be able to play Saturday (which of course would mean no broken jaw).

Appears it was a fight with Brandon Martin.

There is no confirmation. I heard this yesterday and wasn’t able to confirm it. I am guessing there will be no confirmation, unless Bret Bielema is asked about it tonight at the Catfish Hole in his weekly show.

Someone once said you recruit your own problems

well it was just reported on the radio here in Little Rock. the report said Whaley was still on the travel squad but no-one can get confirmation of whether the jaw was broken or not.

the report said kids were just horsing around in the locker room and martin got a dreadlocks pulled out, things escalated, he decked whaley to floor, when whaley tried to get up martin pounded him more than once.

i have no clue, but that is what the radio report said here in Little Rock…

It’s not clear what the severity of the injury is to Devwah, but there was a scuffle between him and Brandon in the locker room. I’m told Devwah started it and Brandon finished it.

My guess is Bret will address this some time this afternoon or at his coach’s show tonight.

Then I hope Devwah serves a suspension, and Brandon does not. I assume he learned his lesson the hard way already with Brandon giving him the business, but he should still learn that’s not going to fly with the coaches.

I understand scuffles on the practice field, it’s part of the game. I can’t stand it in the locker room.

LOL this team and its so called leadership is becoming a laughingstock

Nice. Gotta love a good pot shot well before the facts come out.

Martin may not be able to catch but it sure looks like he can throw…

supposedly he did not start the fight, but he sure finished it…

The fight apparently happen, but as was indicated earlier in the thread, there is no official confirmation of it and/or the broken jaw.

I trust a small group of people when it comes to these matters and none of those has yet to confirm it.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think it happened, but I err on the side of caution when it comes to rumors.

Stinks when your words come back to haunt you, huh?