Just received an email from Wholehogsports..

It tells me my subscription is expiring and renewal is $1451 for 12 months. Is this legitimate?

Please forward it to me - mojones@nwadg.com.

Matt’s baby needs a new pair of shoes. :smiley:

No, this is for the two new car seats we had to buy last night. :shock:

Sorry, but I just got a raise. I will spend it wisely.

You and Dudley are going to be able to travel first class when you go to all the basketball tournaments around the country. :smiley:

Part of the negotiations. Needed more leg room.

With, or without your shoes on?

I wouldn’t do that to the people around me.

I just talked to a nice young lady and renewed my subscription for a mere $120. A true bargain. I hope this doesn’t disrupt those pay raises. I want you positive and happy as we start a new season.

Sorry. I just bought a new truck. Got to pass along cost of doing business. I need a new truck about every 6 months.

Just kidding. Old one had 147,000 miles. Air conditioning went out. Had to dump it.

That bill must be a typo. I think I can get you a better deal. Oh, looks like Matt beat me to it.

How I am going to keep up my annual deposits in the Cayman Islands?

Dudley and Petra want to catch Jimmy Buffett in Paris next month. :smiley:

I don’t mind Dudley and Petra going to another Jimmy Buffet concert, it’s that they are staying on the road for six weeks and missing five football games that bothers me. Why would you need to see ALL the Jimmy Buffet concerts.

Basically Rogerback just suck it up and pay the damn thing. We have needs and wants too.

Do subscribers to the Democrat automatically get access to WholeHog Sports?



If you were a true parrothead, you would understand. :slight_smile: