Just realized that all four SEC semifinalists

Were from the West. Which might point to why Florida’s record was so good. We didn’t play Vandy or Misery or EOE. They did. And they missed Ole Miss and LSU.

We didn’t play Tennessee either. That’s 9 games that are easy wins. Florida’s record is better than the hogs for that reason.
It’s easy see how 4 SEC west are left in the tournament!

EOE is Tennessee, Army. “Evil orange empire”. Usually we add a hyphen and a K for Knoxville to distinguish it from EOE-A. The one in Austin

Correct. But since the one in Austin is too arrogant to join the SEC, in SEC contexts I just drop the K for the Creamsicles.

That’s on me I should have paid more attention.

Interesting to me is none of the Alabama teams made the final four, too. It would be nice if this tourney was played at Baum.

The SEC East was 45-39 vs. the West during the regular season. Before you think that was all Florida, consider the Gators were 6-6 vs. the West.

The West had the upper hand in Hoover with an 8-1 record.

Not going to happen, but theoretically they could play it at Dickey-Stephens in NLR. They’d have to figure out how to get more than 7,200 people in there though.

North Little Rock put in a bid for the tournament several years ago and was told the ballpark isn’t big enough. The minimum seating, I think, had to be 10,000.