Just realized something with scheduling

Vandy fans are probably yanking on their board, we got lucky in our scheduling… we don’t play Arkansas.

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Probably true about Vandy fans’ perspective.

On the other hand, South Carolina fans must be thinking, “we drew the short straw”. 3 of their 4 SEC West opponents are Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State… and they play them back-to-back-to-back. Brutal.

Every series in this division is tough, we just need to keep our head down and stay in our Lane. We need to do exactly what Robert Moore said focus on one inning at a time. Auburn is winless but they are a dangerous team. They are only a few runs away from winning 3-4 games they lost 2-1 Run games at Ole Miss, so they are far from a Gimme coming into Baum we will have to play our best.

There are no easy wins in west or the SEC as far as that goes. Winning each series is the goal. 19 plus wins is a great season. While the hogs have started 5-1 it’s too early to start celebrating there’s a lot of ball left to play. In about 3 weeks we will start seeing how the standings are taking shape.

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