Just realized something with scheduling

We have the disadvantage of playing OM, MSU, and LSU all on the road.

We are the only one of those top West teams to NOT play Vandy

And it helps we already swept MSU
And LSU is only 1-5 in conference

MSU not likely to get swept at home any more this year. We’ll actually be wanting them to help us by beating some teams now

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I’m not sure LSU is its vintage self this year. Not only are they 1-5 in conference, they’ve lost some embarrassing games to weak nc competition. Of course, they might come on strong, but so far this does not look like one of the Tigah’s better teams.

LSU’s ace from Arkansas has had a bad year so far, Hill, I wonder if his draft stock has dropped much.

I didn’t realize their ace was from Arkansas. Glad he’s having a bad year. (I don’t apologize for treating “Arkansas kids” who could’ve gone to the UA but chose an out-of-state team as if they are not from Arkansas.)

Yeah, from Ashdown, which honestly without googling I had no idea where that was.

Auburn looks pretty weak and LSU is struggling. OM? Who really knows how good yet. But you can’t overlook any of these teams. Who would have thought that S.Carolina would sweep Fl? And they were preseason #1.
Who thought that we would sweep MSU?
You just gotta respect every team, stay focused and play up to our potential.

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It’s SW Ark. Just above Texarkana. Closer to Fayetteville than Baton Rouge & certainly inside our borders.

Busta Brown on the football team is from Ashdown, and I believe he may be a cousin of Hill’s. We’re also recruiting a stud tight end down there now, Shamar Easter.

It’s going to be interesting to watch LSU the rest of the season. LSU has been passed by Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State for a few years now, and Paul Mainieri is 12 years removed from winning the national championship. I think his seat could get hot.

Sat by some LSU fans 2 years ago. They were not happy with him then.

Montaric Brown and LaDarrius Bishop were both Ashdown Panthers. Jaden Hill was the QB. Bishop and Hill were juniors when Brown was a senior. On the football field, Hill was the best of the 3 to me.

Braylon Bishop (now at Arkansas High) was an Ashdown Panther too, until 2019. He will play for Coach Van Horn next year.

I wonder if we will ever see Braylon in a Hog uniform?

Ashdown had another kid go to lsu in the late 90’s to play baseball. They were in our (Magnolia Panthers) conference (AAA Southwest) back then with Malvern, Hope, all three Hot Springs high schools, and Arkladelphia. That was a great conference across all sports every year. I’m in Mississippi now, but still have family in magnolia and the teams they play don’t seem at all to have the same regional rivalry that we did. We hated playing away games at ashdown because we knew we weren’t going to get any breaks, plus they were really good, and they were use to the paper mill smell that made it even worse to play baseball there.

Speaking of scheduling, Ole Miss has to travel to Florida this weekend. You know the pre-season #1 Gators will (literally) be “chomping” at the bit to rebound from being swept last weekend. So, if we take care of business against Auburn, we have a good chance of being at the top (or tied at that level) of the SEC standings come Monday.

We also get the Gators, but we play them at Baum-Walker later in the season.

That was Cedric Harris. He was an All-American at LSU. He lives in Ashdown again, married a WNBA player, and has a 15 year-old who plays now.

Joe Jester also played during that time, before he went to play for the Razorbacks.

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Wouldn’t it be nice for Florida to sweep Ole Miss. If Florida just wins the series and our Hogs just take care of Auburn the standings will change. LSU could have that darn possum show up anytime so I won’t feel good about playing in the Box until the final out of each game. The hogs getting the sweep at Mo U was totally unexpected
And left our hogs 1 game behind Ole Miss. By not facing Vandy our hogs catch a much needed break. The road series at Moo U is over and Ole Miss and LSU still have to be played. It comes down to winning series.

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Hogs and Ole Miss have 3 of 4 common SEC East opponents: Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. We play Florida and UGA at home, and Ole Miss plays South Carolina at home.

Rebels play Vanderbilt in Oxford, but we play at Tennessee.

Conference schedules can never be perfectly equal, but when you compare our schedule with Ole Miss, they are pretty close.

I, too, will be rooting for the Gators this weekend.

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Me too…but the thing is, we’ve got to be careful what we wish for. Florida is still a potent threat with 3 losses at this time. It might end up better for us, in the long run, if Florida goes 2-1 vs. the Black bears. In other words, towards the end of the SEC race, we may be wishing for and needing Florida to lose more than Ole Miss…you never know. Thing about that is, we’ll have a direct chance to affect the Gators’ record when they come into Fayetteville for a series to close the regular season in May.

I’d like to win the regular season SEC title. Don’t care a thing about winning the tournament in Hoover if it means tiring anyone out before the big show starts the next week.