Just realized something odd

The New Orleans minor league baseball team moved to Wichita after the 2019 season, didn’t play in 2020 because of COVID, then was demoted to Double-A and is now in what used to be the Texas League.

The Shreveport Captains went away about 10 years ago.

So there is no minor league baseball in the state of Louisiana. At all.

(Cue the jokes about the pro team playing in Alex Box Stadium).

I would have to think that makes LA by far the most populous state without a pro baseball team of any kind

That at least answers the question I had about how Wichita has a baseball team again (after their team moved to Springdale and became the Naturals over a decade ago). I was wondering that just the other day but don’t follow the minor leagues very closely.

Wichita built a new stadium downtown to lure the Baby Cakes from New Orleans as a Triple-A club. There had been an independent league team playing in old Lawrence-Dumont Stadium; the city of Wichita bought out their lease, tore down the ballpark and built the new one on that site. The Cakes were the Marlins’ top affiliate.

But they never played a Triple-A game in Wichita thanks to COVID (which also claimed the life of the team’s owner). The minor league reorganization last winter dropped them to Double A Central (AKA the Texas League) and they switched affiliation to the Minnesota Twins. New team name is the Wind Surge,

If you get the feeling that minor league team names nowadays are chosen solely by how many T-shirts and caps they think it will sell, I concur completely.

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There are probably financial shenanigans involved in this story on the NOLA end. I dont have the specifics but seem to recall the south LA folks not ponying up for upgrades at the minor league park down there.

My father always talked about “graft in New Orleans” as being normal part of the way things are done “in that part of the world.” He would then explain that no place else in the world is quite like New Orleans.

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I total agree with that. I’m only 90 minutes from there and used to go all the time,they beat to a different beat LOL

Fun place to visit. But wouldn’t want to live there.

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We lived in NOLA for a few months in 83. It’s where I got my start with Little Debbies. At that time Edwin Edwards was running for governor again even though his prior terms were filled with scandals. I asked one of my co-workers (who grew up in LA) who would vote for that crook? He replied “me and everyone else will vote for him. He’s our crook and we love him”. He won. Crazy down there.

No I definitely would not want to live there LOL, like I said they beat their own beat.I like to go to Cafe du Monde and get me some beignets and then go pick me out a spot and people watch,that’s entertainment to me to be honest.

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I love NOLA, but like everyone else on here, strictly to visit. I do not go there in the summer, either. I’m fine with it from October through April, but from May-September, I’d just as soon pass.

Yeah, I went to Kenner for some dog shows a few years ago. The shows were during the first week of August. It was enough for me to learn when was the best time to visit the greater NOLA area.

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Marty, August in NOLA smells like a sewer pipe burst in or under your house!

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